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May 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 3)

Is it safe to stop taking Statins after 15 years?



8 Feb 2016 @ 13:07PM

Let me say first of all that cholesterol is good and only statins are bad. Nerve damage is certainly caused by statin use and after 15 years it is highly likely your nerve damage is a result of taking statin drugs. This damage is not reversible and the damage is progressive, unfortunately. Taking CoQ10 helps the mitochondria in muscles and Duane Gravelin list several supplements which he uses following the damage he experienced;

Niacin or vitamin B3 is thought to benefit you regarding cholesterol. If you read the Book Poisoned, recovery from statin 'side effects', this book also has information about recovery and will explain in detail the damage caused by statin drugs.

CVD or Cardio Vascular Disease is caused by chronic inflammation, cholesterol is part of the body's ability to heal the damage of chronic inflammation. Rising cholesterol is not a disease but is a sign of disease. In the late part of the last century rising cholesterol blood levels were considered diagnostic of hypothyroidism and the individual was treated with desiccated thyroid extract. Once treated with DTE the individual's cholesterol levels would fall to 'normal' levels once again. So what that means is if you have experienced rising cholesterol levels and that is why you were prescribed statin drugs, it is likely you need thyroid hormone medication rather than statins.

Hypothyroidism causes the liver function to become abnormal and hence the rising cholesterol levels. Hypothyroidism also causes chronic inflammation and this places the individual at high risk of CVD. Again treat the low thyroid hormone and the chronic inflammation will resolve and the risk of CVD is reduced to normal levels.



17 Jan 2014 @ 18:16PM


much of the nattokinase has the K2 removed so it would be good idea to get K2 separately.

K2 comes in two forms. MK4 which is synthetic made from animal tissue and MK7 made from natto. MK7 is preferred form. Take with food.

People have had good results for arterial calcification. A few people say that the MK7 form caused insomnia but something to be aware of.



17 Jan 2014 @ 02:49AM

using 15 year. terrible


16 Jan 2014 @ 20:42PM

As one gets older it is more important to address the calcification issue with arteries which may raise blood pressure.

One can do that with Vitamin K. Nattokinase has some vitamin K in it also.



16 Jan 2014 @ 01:03AM

Yes. The more important question you need to ficus on is what damage they have done in your body.

Statins will damage your health. Almost every doctor will pressure people. Just say No.

Almost everything conventional medicine says about heart disease has been dis-proven wrong. Even their own studies in recent years have said this.

China has done thousands of studies on fibrolytic enzymes. They have found it protects people from heart attacks and strokes. Nattokinase can be derived from bacteria or fungus. Both work but I prefer the bacteria derived kind. Some have vitamin K removed. This is so it won't interfere with some medications (and probably because it may heal you). I want the vitamin K in mine because it is beneficial to arteries. Please try to replace you meds with natural remedies. I eat as much cholesterol as I want. No diet restrictions. This doesn't mean you can't experiment with diet changes to see what happens.

The medical establishment wants you to believe that cholesterol is the cause of clogged arteries. Cholesterol is what protects your arteries and you from death. It has been shown that people who have clean arteries don't have heart disease. Fibrolytic enzymes clean the arteries. You clean your arteries and you prevent heart disease. Even most bypass operations are unnecessary. Many doctors will try to scare their patients away from fibrolytic enzymes.

Even salt does not cause heart disease.

Do not take blood pressure medications. They are harmful to your health. Delve into the history of Statins. Look at the research. Also your blood pressure will vary greatly during the day. I don't worry about high blood pressure. Take control of your health.

14 Jan 2014 @ 20:38PM

Does anybody have any informaton on coming off statins after being on them for 15 years. Stopping them for a few months resulted in cholestrol levels shooting up. There is possible nerve damage in leg although no proof it has been caused by statins. Any information would be really helpful as would rather stop taking them but is it possible and safe to do so?

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