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February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11)




19 Aug 2013 @ 04:26AM

Your mother needs to get off the medications for hypertension. Give her something more natural like nattokinase. All blood pressure medications should be avoided. They damage ones health. She should get down to just insulin.

I assume she has type 2 diabetes. type 2 diabetes can be reversed but it requires changes in diet and blood sugar supplement support.

Insulin does not address the core problem. It addresses the secondary symptoms. When cells get too much sugar, their sensitivity to sugar decreases. Looking at diabetes charts over many decades, the larger increase in diabetes correlates with the synthetic ingredients added to process foods. She needs to remove most of the process foods from her diet. Even GMO foods should be eliminated if practical but that is harder to do.

The core problem that needs to be solved is how to increase cells leptin sensitivity. I'm not saying she should just stop insulin but needs to find a way to ween herself off by addressing the core problem. Insulin actually makes the problem worse over time. Anything that can address the core problem should be researched and experimented with.

You can't help her unless she understands her problem and is willing to change and persist in experimenting. Many people just don't have the will. It takes motivation, effort and mental focus to want to overcome the problem. When medical problems pile up, many people become overwhelmed and just want to die so psychologically give up. If she is too stuck in her old ways or just wants the doctors to handle it, you will just need to accept it and comfort her.



19 Aug 2013 @ 01:03AM

Greetings .

My mom's glucose-level reads at 15 before meal & 23 after meal yesterday despite being on medication. She has been presribed with insulin injection on three different hospital check-ups , which she hasn't abide by so far. I am wondering if this is ok or not. Besides the reading, she looks and feels fine. She does stick to proper diet etc. This condition has been going on for many months , I am not sure what to do now. She is also taking medications for hypertension, high cholesterol, calcium pills, vitamin c.....

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