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February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11)

Lack of response to current measles outbreak



17 Jun 2013 @ 03:53AM

>I don't think governments are in collusion so much as duped;

This is wearing blinders. A global government already exists behind the scenes called the New World Order.

There is massive evidence they are in collusion. The disinformation likes to claim things happen because of the big bad corporations and their evil drive for profits. That plays for the dumb down little minds in the population. The really big corporations are just extensions of the NWO. They are used to carry out military and intelligence operations against the population under the guise of profits, marketing etc.

Just two events also give evidence of collusion

1) War on Terrorism

The War on Terrorism is outright fraud and every government in the world including their mass media went along with the lie. The 911 event was carried out by the US government. Even most of the victims families are pointing the finger at the US government being behind the attack. Every government in the world went along with the lie that it was a terrorist attack.They all kept quiet about it being an orchestrated event by the US government. Virtually every single politician at the local, state and national level went along with the lie. Terrorist events in the UK mimic'ed the same profile.

2) Gulf War Syndrome

The anthrax vaccines were behind the death and disablement of over 430K soldiers during gulf war. All 28 governments who sent troops colluded in the cover up that was orchestrated by the Pentagon.

War and conflicts on this planet have been artificially generated including WW1, WW2, Cold War etc. Even Hitler deliberately lost WW2.Treason and hidden agendas are the norm for the rulers. Wearing blinders and going along with the lie is the norm for the ruled.

What makes all this work is that

1) overwhelmingly most humans on this planet are dumb as a stump when it comes to understanding politics, wars and the larger world around them but most think they do understand when they haven't the foggiest idea how deep their minds are buried in bs.

2) The bulk of the human population are dominated by sociopath personalities where truth and human life outside their own personal lives don;t matter. The sociopath side shows itself most when humans interface with their governments. This is why the governments can carry out atrocities in full view with indifference from most of the population.

3) There is a extreme toxic relationship of the ruled to the rulers. This means that no matter how extreme betrayal of the rulers toward the ruled, the ruled still couldn't bring themselves to truly remove the power structures to change things. This seals the fate of the ruled

4) The governments love secrecy because it hides their dirty work. The general population loves secrecy because it hides the governments dirty work. They both want it swept under the rug or minimized. Secrecy and Torture are hallmarks of sociopath political structures.

The real mystery behind events in this world ... Behind the NWO are extraterrestrials that have been running affairs on earth for hundreds of thousands of years.



16 Jun 2013 @ 09:25AM

Harsh words, prioris, but I do have to concur. If we (the public) can find out the make-up of vaccines and drugs - and their oft-devastating side-effects, then it stands to reason that those who make up these concoctions are cynically aware of their potential devastation and thus have a dark reason for creating them.

I don't think governments are in collusion so much as duped; Big Pharma controls all of the most powerful bodies in the world (banks, petrol companies, big corporates etc.) ... and the person selected to be Minister of Health in governments is almost always a (former) employee of a pharmaceutical company. Remember 'ordinary' people are elected to government - and can get voted out again. I think being a government minister is about the only high-profile job one can obtain without needing any specific diploma for it!

Vets are the animal representative equivalent of doctors. An honest vet (or an holistic one) will admit, for example, that yearly vaccinations are not necessary - especially for animals kept in relative seclusion or who do not travel. Feeding a carnivore cat exclusively on a diet of 94% cereals/carbohydrates/chemicals will ensure a steady clientele.

But until the sheep stop blindly running at the first noise and turn around and face their adversary, they are never going to see what is frightening them (or potentially killing them). This flock mentality is what Big Pharma relies on .. that - and the extreme laziness of those who are content to turn their own wellbeing over to another in a "Heal me, while I continue to indulge in self-harming practices" attitude. We created these people, being of the same human race; it's up to us to change the balance of power.

By simply not using them! Don't buy anti-UV sunglasses, don't buy sun protection cremes, don't buy processed foods, don't leap off the cliff to get to the ambulance in the first place - we can beat them ... or can we? Each time people try to take control of their own health by natural means, they are treated as criminals and legislated against. It may be too late for the general populace... we should just pull our heads in and quietly get on with keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe, flying under the radar. Those who are energetically aligned with us will find their way to us, or this philosophy. The rest can take their chances.

In that I do agree with Gates; there are too many people on this planet, but in the end, it's this number of tick-tock people who are Big Pharma's greatest weapon, for it is their blind faith in Big Pharma that keeps the money pouring in, and creates jobs for millions.

Look at autism; in my opinion there are two reasons for this new epidemic: both are treatable (won't go into that here) but it has spawned a HUGE side-industry of 'experts' and practitioners. Each new dis-ease, created by either Big Ph. or modern (unhealthy) living, gives rise to another group bound to their doctrines. Clever. We should not try to convert everyone, but simply attract those who are seeking. Frightening people just makes them retreat into their burrows; tempting them makes them come out in interest. It also keeps the energy positive. And I'm all for that.



15 Jun 2013 @ 22:44PM

These microbes are in there by design. the idea that these were just mistakes, errors or incompetence is just plain lie and disinformation. vaccines are designed to weaken the population mentally and physically. they are depopulation weapons.

Until people confront that the governments collude in the killing their own populations, nothing can change. the ruled are bonded in a very toxic relationship with their rulers. It is easier and more comforting for the general population to accept the lie.



10 Jun 2013 @ 13:05PM

One more point that people miss is the technology used behind the scene.

Most of the vaccines are prepared by culturing the virus in different organs of different animals say monkey kidney/liver, pigs liver/kidney, etc. These animals do contain some viruses which are very useful for them but kills the human race say HIV, H1N1, etc.

So there is a huge possibility that the viruses from these animals mutate with the viruses being cultured and enters the human race through these vaccines and its too late before detection and the whole human race face the risk of extinction.

After studying comprehensively about the vaccines, i didn't got my child vaccinated.



1 Jun 2013 @ 01:27AM

very good points.

There is a war going on against the general human population. Most humans will ironically support it.

People need to take more counter measures due to the increasing assaults.



28 May 2013 @ 12:21PM

Agreed, prioris, but he's a doctor. However, a moderate one who knows that the body can only take so much toxin at one time. He still wants to be a doctor so he can reach the mainstream people who believe in vaccines, so he has to be careful about what he says. But no doctor should feel comfortable knowing that something designed to apparently save lives is ruining their quality of life at the same time. He does state that nobody knows how long the vaccine works for (or whether it actually works), and that the body sets up resistance to the live components - so he is actually saying they are useless (but not for the right reason - i.e. acknowledging that vaccines were introduced at the same time as hygiene and clean water were improving, and that it is more the latter's credit that disease waned).

I've heard Bill Gates say he wants to reduce the world population by a third; next thing he's expounding on how he's going to save every child on the planet by making his vaccines available to them (and compulsory!). What they don't realise is that there appear to be elements in his vaccines which can render people sterile. Clever, eh. Except that he can't 'cull' the ones who would be better not having children, so educated, healthy (wealthy) people are getting caught up in it too.

One thing is important. We can't just not vaccinate and leave it at that. With the poor quality of food and other unhealthy components of life (sedentary, anti UV glasses and creams, electromagnetic pollution etc.) we need to boost the immune and endocrine systems with herbs etc. to protect our health. Not to mention all the counter measures when around potential hazards. Wakefield is being blamed for the latest outbreak of measles; I wanted people to hear his take on what is happening.



23 May 2013 @ 19:41PM

This is not a vaccine failure. Vaccines are doing precisely what the state wants. People who think these are just mistakes, failures or errors are still not fully awake. This is crimes of humanity against the general human population.This is culling. Most of the population still can't confront that the govt wants to kill or disable them. They'd rather they and their children die living the lie. All vaccines should be avoided. There is an extremely toxic relationship between the rulers and the ruled. Most of the population are sociopaths at their core so atrocities carried out by the state never move them.

Listening to the you tube, he does still support the idea of vaccines.



23 May 2013 @ 11:00AM

Here is what Dr Andrew Wakefield has to say on the latest outbreak of measles. Fantastic. Needless to say, his challenge for a debate will go unheeded.



7 May 2013 @ 00:21AM


I have just been sent this link which you may find of interest

good pointer but the only thing I will take issue with is this disinformation


But the British media lapped it up - after all - it was a death and you know how they love to wave the shroud to sell their papers in an ever-dwindling market. Journalism - a dying profession in more ways than one.


No. The state covertly controls the mass media.they will use anything to pump the need for vaccines.

Then you have the people who claim it is the "corporations" or for "profit" motives. Again, the state security apparatus has lots of control ovcer what does and doesn't get put in the media.



6 May 2013 @ 08:46AM

You are barking!! A menace and quite quite barking!!!

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