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February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11)

Post viral fatigue syndrome



21 Apr 2013 @ 08:06AM

This comes under other names also ... CFS/CFIDS/ME... even people diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome, Lyme have similar symptoms. Many with disease have FMS also.

You sound like your thinking it is a temporary thing and you get on with your life. Hopefully you don't have the disease. You need to get the tests i mention below done. There is no known cure if you do have it. You mention cognitive behavior therapy. You need to understand something about the disease.

The origin of the disease comes from vaccines. It is a systemic disease with hundreds of symptoms too numerous to list. It is caused by an unknown microbe. The microbe releases the neurotoxin called ciguatoxin into the body at high levels - 10X to 100X compared to shellfish variety. It is molecularly similar to the shellfish poisoning variety but with a different epitope where the sodium channels of the cell membrane are effected. It shares many characteristics with chronic lymphocytic luekemia in terms of immune dysfunction profile and coagulation of the blood. The immune system is upregulated. The cognitive dysfunction is one of the most disabling symptoms of the disease. You'll experience brain fog. From the primary infection comes many possible secondary infections. The infections, weakened immune system and the toxin can produce hundreds of symptoms.Vaccines have been behind the explosion of chronic disease and cancer in this world. Not everyone gets the disease in the same way. I knew a couple who both came down with the disease after they were hit from behind by another vehicle. Physical trauma may shutdown immune system long enough for infection to take stronger hold. Not everyone gets it after a run of the mill viral infection but a segment do.

The world's top expert in ciguatoxin is located in Hawaii, USA. You can have a blood sample sent to his lab and they will test it. 95% of the people that were diagnosed with the disease have the ciguatoxin. This will be the strongest confirmation. It costs $100.

Have your Natural Killer Cell levels check. The average healthy person will be around 40. The low level normal is 20. You will likely be in the single digits.

In the 1980s, a women doctor who worked in the Eye and Ear Medical Center in Boston,USA came down with the disease. She tested hundreds of people diagnosed with the disease. What she found was that the balance system was not functioning in the brain. There are 3 things that help people balance. Their sight and two things in their brain. The reason I mention this test is because it is low cost - it costs nothing to do. The doctor just has you walk a straight line with your eyes open then he has you do it again with your eyes closed. The second walk should be more difficult. Or just check it yourself but make sure you have someone or something to catch you if you fall.

I think most people with this disease die quietly from heart attacks and strokes as years progress caused by blood coagulation.

The fact that you even would consider behavior cognitive therapy means your very dumb about the disease. You better smarten up if you do have it. Most patients who got the disease are dumb as a stump about the disease. Most rarely lift a finger to understand it. Many will go to ignorant doctors who know nothing about the disease and imbibe their ignorance. There are very few doctors who know anything about the disease. The powers that be make sure of that. The ones that do, you have to be careful. They may work for the intelligence agencies as biological monitors.

Also be aware that at least most of the patient organizations in the world that deal with these diseases are covertly run by the military /intelligence agencies. you need to grow up and learn about the real world, you need to read between the lines.

Here is my general advice

Become your own doctor

Avoid conventional medicine especially with chronic disease

Stay away from vaccines. Anybody promoting these is the enemy and should be avoided.

Use only treatments that are natural to the body. Stay away from synthetic drugs

Anybody promoting Cognitive Therapy is likely the enemy should be ignored


Treating this disease is also about REPLACING THE DEPLETED nutrients e.g. vitamins, minerals and many other things

Don't eat too much processed foods. Make them from scratch.

Avoid GMO if possible. Avoid GMO if your healthy.

Avoid flouridated and chlorinated water

Please be aware that just because you take some supplement, it doesn't mean it will absorb into the body,

how well a supplement absorbs is critical

There are some doctors who do exclusionary testing for a large number of things.

This is what CFIDS/ME doctors do. I'd just get the ciguatoxin test because it is cheap

Ribose has not worked for people so I would chuck it in the waste basket.

I can't really get into treatments because that is dependent on the symptoms.... but here's a few anyway

You should take reduced l-glutathione for a while to clean your liver, brain etc

I would give Cat's Claw a shot. Make sure it has at least 3% alkaloids and around 500 mg. It needs hydrochloric acid of some type to release these alkaloids so need to take it with food or something. read up on it.

for joint pains, use glucosamine chondroitin

you will have low magnesium. take magnesium glycinate because it doesn't cause diarrhea and absorbs well

I would take nattokinase for blood coagulation. if your young, you may not feel like it is doing anything

i would suggest antibiotics ... garth nicholson protocols but some of the antibiotics can tear up the inside of your body. you can go thru the treatment and may get no result. my suggestion is avoid the ones that negatively effect you and try the ones that your system can handle. they talk about the hertzeimers reaction as a good thing but i'm not sure you would be able to distinguish between the hertz reaction and damage done by antibiotics. make sure you are not allergic also. also remember to take bromelain with any antibiotic. it can take a week or lot longer for intestine to heal if it damages the intestinal flora so would stop taking it even after a day or two. everyone can react differently to antibiotics so this is a path i would tread down carefully since it has complications.

I really hope you don't have the disease. I knew people with post viral symptoms decades ago and their still sick.



20 Apr 2013 @ 10:10AM

Has anyone any advice about treatments that work, apart from the usual advice about proper nutrition, rest, reduction of stress and gradual stepping up of activity and exercise. I have recently started taking supplements of D ribose, 5g 3 times a day for 3 weeks reducing to 5g twice a day after then. I'm aware this can reduce blood sugar levels but I don't have diabetes. I won't know whether this will have helped, or whether I would have just improved over time without taking these.

I already have a website link to cognitive behaviour therapy which I may need.

I am now back to work on a "phased return" but only able to work a few hours each day and am contributing nothing to my employer as my mental energy is so low.

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