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February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11)




31 May 2013 @ 10:03AM

Pogue, you sound very much like someone who was on this site a couple of years ago. I'd like to know what is so dangerous about eating raw fruits and vegetables..... our digestive systems are actually set up for it. It is eating (over)cooked food and mixing protein, carbohydrates and fruits together, not to mention sugars, colourants and synthetic additives (all approved by the FDA and other 'medical' bodies) which is dangerous - and provokes diverticulitis. I would say that only organic food should be eaten, because the rest contains these dangerous chemical elements.

I've read a bit of what you've been spouting, having just come back on this site after a long absence, and it's clear that you've designated yourself a role which is undesired and unnecessary - that of trying to debunk and discredit all that is discussed here. What you don't understand is that the people on this site have almost certainly gone down the medical/doctor route first, and found it either didn't work or it did harm. Nobody asks for a dissenting voice - we all know where to go if we want to know 'the other side'.

Your comments are thus as annoying as a male mosquito's - you can fly around and be a nuisance, but you can't draw blood, or inject toxins. In other words, they're useless. You would perhaps be happier on a medical site where you will find others who appreciate your point of view.... unlike here......



29 May 2013 @ 08:19AM

Err raw and juicing? dangerous!


28 May 2013 @ 12:22PM

Have you seen the film "Raw for 30 days" it is on Utube, apparently our diet is the cause.

The solution is a bit radical "juicing and raw diet" but it apparently works.



7 May 2013 @ 22:15PM

This is very important additional information about diabetes type 2.

Diabetes Type 2 is caused by too high constant levels of LEPTIN in the blood. The consistently high leptin levels cause the body to lose sensitivity to the leptin hence effect the bodies own insulin production. This level needs to be brought under control. One way you can verify this is by researching the studies on supplements that effect leptin.

CLA is one thing I mentioned that can reduce leptin levels. Another supplement that can help is Acetyl L Carnitine.

When they create lab mice to mimic diabetes, they feed them high levels of hi fructose corn syrup. This is why you want to aviod this as much as possible. The reason they put fructose in the food supply is to make people sicker. They will claim it costs less but it is being subsidized but the powers that be. They have made regular sugar artificially more expensive in many countries.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and DHA can help neutralize some of the effects of fructose and even from other sugars especially from the brain.



7 May 2013 @ 18:55PM

hi there.I happened to come across the above. How are you curremtly?Have you found any answers yet. My mom is a Diabetic.She has been presribed three times with insulin but i have advised her to ignore it & put her on a transformative life-style.She is still in the reverssal's definitely promising.



28 Apr 2013 @ 05:29AM

that's none of your business. you seem like a shill for the state.


24 Apr 2013 @ 22:42PM

More nonsense! Fuzzy wou,ld be an understatement ! BTW what IS your job?




22 Apr 2013 @ 20:57PM

Antibiotics can be a double edged sword. Antibiotics are very useful for many infections but they can cause damage and death in many people.

If a person is allergic to a specific antibiotic, they should not take it. They should pretest it.

A person who takes it without Bromelaine increases the likelihood that they will become resistant to an antibiotic.If one does become resistant then one should take Bromelaine

Bacteria develop a sheath overtime to protect it from antibiotic to create resistance. Bromelain and other enzymes can remove this sheath.

I would also experiment with taking some Bioprene to improve absorption. Of course, stomach should be empty. You should research it.

Some people tolerate antibiotics very well. Other people have a very bad reaction to antibiotics.

Natural antibiotic that is more natural to the body should be tried if possible for more chronic infections.

One should have a good quality Probiotic supplement or something to replenish intestinal track etc on hand to help the intestine track if needed.

One should not be terrified of antibiotics but just like anything, each individual can react differently

Many people have already been given antibiotics of some type so know if they react to some already.

A Hertzheimer reaction could be positive but this is fuzzy area.

It is important to also balance any negatives with the reality that sometimes you have to take risks to get better.

Don't take them blindly on recommendation from me, a doctor or anyone. Just listen to what your body is telling you.



22 Apr 2013 @ 18:56PM

Well I'm surprised you even mention ABs- are you sure they won't poison you?


19 Apr 2013 @ 21:23PM

Insulin injections are not all we have.

My brother has diabetes. He told the doctor that 18% corosolic acid had been able to drop his sugar levels. The doctor told him that wasn't possible despite the proof of the readings on the device.They gave him Coumadin for blood clot also. Since he is only on it short term for another month, we agreed that just go through it since he needs to discontinue Coumadin for 3 days before going on fibrolytic enzymes. He is now use a combination of Insulin and 18% Corosolic Acid. He will use fibrolytic enzymes to make sure he doesn't have any more blood clots. Fibolytic enzymes are natural to the body.

There are 4 medical drugs responsible for 75% of emergency room visits. Insulin and Coumadin are 2 of the 4. Coumadin can cause long term damage. There is no need for dangerous drugs like Coumadin but he ended up in hospital settings. He needed to take a diuretic because it cause water retention. One should attempt to minimize insulin over time.

I recommended he take Gynema and CLA long term to try to cure the diabetes. Gynema takes longer term usage to work. The CLA will rid him of body fat with no exercise. CLA is a nutrient that comes from the meats of grass fed animals. CLA is not something that you can get on the weight scale and see if it is working since muscle weighs more than fat. It can work very quick in some people and very slow in others. One of the first signs is when the fat belly disappears. One should take maximum doses because it builds up in body. Give it a year to work before assessing the efficacy.

Any diabetic that takes antibiotics for infections should take bromelaine with it because it makes the antibiotics more effective.

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