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Vision loss


13 Mar 2012 @ 16:33PM

I would be asking for a brain scan to see how the nerves are around the eye.


28 Nov 2011 @ 13:28PM

A friend of mine is 33 years old and up until this incident has been healthy.

Problem started 1 and a half years ago and has since returned every 3-4 months.

A big black spot appears in corner of right eye covering about a quarter of the eye and then growing to cover more than half of the eye. At which point it then moves across to the other eye and blacks out the other eye in the same way till there is very little vision left. The eyes are slightly pink and itchy and tired during this time but not very.
This lasts for 7-10 days when suddenly it starts to clear begining where it began and gradually moving across the eye, onto the other eye and clearing.
He occasionally gets a headache but it is not severe and doesn't always occur when he has these incidents.

He has had tests for diabetes and heart conditions, he's had 15 blood tests, Xrays across his chest, stomach and side. They have found nothing.
The optician says he has lost 50% vision in both eyes since the problem began and that he can see a lot of damage on the retina. He says pressure in the eye is quite high. There is no sign of infection in the eye and he has no other symptoms in his body.
Optician and hospital where he has had the tests are stumped. He is really disheartened because he met a woman in the waiting room who is now blind and told him her problem started in the same way as his.
Where to from here?
Many thanks in advance for any pointers to the problem.

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