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Macular Edema - Type 1 Diabetes


23 Aug 2011 @ 16:20PM

Sorry to hear this. He is obviously doing as much as he can to help himself.

There is increasing research showing the benefits of vitamin D and Omega 3 supplementation for Macular Degeneration - I havent had personal experience with my clients I'm afraid - I doubt it would reverse it but may help the onset. I would recommend strongly that if you decide to go the supplementation route as one avenue, that the supplements you buy are of an exceedingly high quality (Higher Nature, Nutri, Lamberts, Biocare, Cytoplan - not off the chemists shelf)

Also you could go to a Kinesiologist who will test your husband and can then identify the exact supplements that would benefit him. This would have the advantage of treating him as a whole and looking at the diabetes and other impacts on his mind and body, not just the eyes. If you are in the UK

I wish you well.


10 Aug 2011 @ 21:42PM


Start by getting Paul Chek's book How To Eat,Move and Be Healthy.

Eye problems are common in Diabetes so it may be related.

Be worth getting advice from his eye doctor on this though.

Otherwise,depending on what he is doing in the gym, I believe his workouts can only help him improve his fitness and health.

I also recommend visiting where he can learn some fantastic ChiGong exercises to improve energy flow through his body.



22 Jun 2011 @ 05:44AM

My husband is 42 years old and has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 7 years old. He has had good control, has kept in good health, exercises daily (lifting weights at a gym) and is in good shape. He has just been told he has the early stages of macular edema, and where the leaking vessels are is in a part of the eye where laser surgery would be unsuitable. His vision is not affected at this stage.

Do readers have suggestions on how my husband can self cure? He understands that lifestyle changes need to be made, but where to start. He is now doing more blood tests to keep the random high blood sugars in check, and he has started using our Bioptron Light on his eyes and cut coffee intake right down. Could his gym workouts be contributing to the edema?

Thanking you all in advance.

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