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February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11)

Psoriatic Arthritis cured



11 Aug 2011 @ 19:18PM

The herbs that we use works on the following principle.

The force of electro bio-energy connects itself to any disturbance within the body and expels it from the system. It thereby restores the organic tissues and nervous system to their proper balanced state of health.

The cells and tissues of the organs are dynamised through central nervous system.

  1. They tone up the brain and nerves by which the bodily process are controlled and strengthen the organs of digestion.

  2. The medicines supply food for the red blood corpuscles of the blood and nourish the white corpusclses of the blood and lymph.

  3. They furnish useful elements to the plasma of the blood, and they provide nutriment for the cells of which the tissues are built.

  4. They promote the expulsion through the skin and other channels morbid and superfluous substances which interfere with the health of the body.

  5. They give to the blood and lymph, and more particularly to the leococytes, which are found in these fluids such additional vigour, vitality and enables them more successfully to attack, weaken, neutralise, destroy and expel the bacilli and other disease producing germs which invade the organism.

  6. They do not simply cure a particular disease for which they are prescribed,but at the same time do much good to constitution of the patients who use them.

  7. They are palliatives as well as curatives.

  8. Thus they cure cent per cent diseases whether acute or chronic, surgical or nonsurgical of male, female and children.

  9. They cure even the so called incurable diseases such as Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Gangrene, Gout,Paralysis, Hydrocephalus, Cancer, Carbuncle, Fistula, Scrofula etc. without operation successfully and never produce drug diseases.

  10. They cure all infectious diseases and poisoning cases with certainty and can be used as prophylactics in epidemics.

And this is the reason these herbal remedies are so effective.


24 Jul 2011 @ 14:51PM

Check out Serrapeptase as well. Very good for reducing/eliminating inflammation and pain.

Re the Bioptron light, I am extremely reluctant to cite any particular case history (especially after my sermon to Sangita , tee hee) because, as I repeat, it does depend on how a person lives and thinks as well. I still say it's most important to find out WHY it's happening. Chinese Traditional Medicine is good for that, as are all Energy-based practices.

The Bioptron light works from the cellular level - it doubles the macrophages (the Good Soldiers) and brings oxygen to the area. It releases blocked and/or stiff tissue. It can be used on the eyes completely safely and we have stories of glaucoma pressure disappearing, along with cataracts. I won't go into everything, but its efficacy in eliminating diabetic ulcers and bedsores is legendary.

If what you are doing is working, keep doing it. I would encourage her to get Chlorella from the health shop as this is very good at eliminating toxins from the body - and all allopathic medicine is toxic and slows down the body's recovery, even if the symptoms have gone.

As I say, ask your Zepter International (the parent company) office to put you in touch with somebody local if possible and you will get first-hand help.



23 Jul 2011 @ 06:44AM

She had used Resveratrol some time back but didn't found any change.....

My cousin sis is showing improvement after using the herbal medicines of Dr. Sangita. so we don't want to change that at the moment. We had talk with the orthopedic too, and he said if its showing good result on my sis then continue with it.

Regarding the bioptron, can you share some case history where you have cured RA. This will give us more confidence.

Thanks for the help.




22 Jul 2011 @ 07:34AM

Have a read-up on Resveratrol. It may be that this will help her immensely. Natural News (Mike Adams) is particularly enthusiastic about it.


21 Jul 2011 @ 15:49PM

That's good news for your sister, Harsh, not so good for Miss Sangita - she won't know for sure what helped the most!

I say, use everything you can find that does no harm to the body and does not take long! Eighteen months sounds incredibly long to me, used to quicker results. While diet is extremely important (organic, non-acidic foods - which includes NO wheat), I'll just mention the Bioptron light again because I think the Head Office in the States is over your way. Just check and see if I'm right. You may be able to contact the office and get put in touch with a local distributor willing to rent you a light for 3 weeks to see what that does. Find someone who uses the colours as well.

She does need to find out the reason for the RA, but for pain and inflammation I LOVE my light. You may be able to rent-to-buy. In NZ it is very easy to find a distributor; I don't know about the States. No harm in asking.

Cheers, Heidi



19 Jul 2011 @ 15:40PM

My sister is using the herbal medicines send by you for the last 8 days. Her pain has subsidized but not completely gone. There is little reduction in the inflammation too. currently she is taking both the allopathic and herbal treatment so can't make out if its all herbal medicines or allopathic or combination of both. But the result is positive. I will let the forum know more as it progresses.



26 Jun 2011 @ 19:41PM

mail me her details with all the lab reports.


24 Jun 2011 @ 12:56PM

Hi i m Harsh, living in Boston, USA. i am new to this site. My cousin have had RA for 6 yrs now, It is now under control with the help of humira injections every 2 weeks. Although she have a lot of problems with her right knee.she has steroid injections when needed. I am ready to be a part of this challange. I have seen her crying almost all the time. can anything be done for her? The bad effects of the allopathic medicines we all know. but don't know if anything is there in alternative system which can work for her. She had taken homeopathy medicines for 2 years but didn't get any result.

Thanks for reading my post.




18 Jun 2011 @ 11:10AM

Sangita, your arrogance is running away with you. That first sentence is pure rubbish. Many people bring their ills upon themselves, and sometimes they need to learn their own lessons. It's like giving a large amount of money to someone; if they aren't taught how to manage it, they could blow it in a week. If you heal someone not the slightest bit interested in creating his/her own well-being, there's no point.

There is NOWHERE I "abused" you; I simply said this site is not meant for free advertising, but is a site for sharing ideas and remedies specifically asked by a poster. It is for inviting people to contact practitioners if they choose to. I'm also intrigued that you use other emotive words like "shouting" when you cannot hear me. This just boils down to your interpretation of what I write - and it's often wrong.

I repeat: it is not possible that one remedy fits all and you cannot heal everyone the same way: there are too many variables. I am not the slightest bit interested in entering into a 'contest' with you; there are herbs which do a great job at suppressing or diverting symptoms, just like synthetic drugs, but unless the root cause is found, the result will not last. Even if you are not harming the person with your herbs, you're still only treating symptoms. You will attract the people to you who need what you do - as we all do.

By the way, you talk about a 'thread' - but you created a posting all of your own with a story - or recount - or testament (whatever word works for you). If you had kept it on the original posting as your contribution, I probably wouldn't have picked up on it because it was within the context of the subject. But you created a posting lauding yourself. Not cool.

Don't let your passion for your work turn into obsession. There's room for all. You've got three websites plus your email address attached to everything you post. People know how to find you. Your insistence at pushing your skills is bordering on aggression.



14 Jun 2011 @ 19:55PM


Do you know that if you know a cure for something from which the humanity is suffering and if you are not telling it to the world then its a crime against humanity.

I learned this when i was filling a patent for one of my herbal formulation used in Asthma. (Hope instead of just shouting against something/someone, you must have used your brain in some constructive things and achieved something on your own and have some patents filed in your name.)

Well instead of talking about the ways to cure the patients, you just started abusing me for advertising, it really shows how much interest you have in curing the patients.

You said that this is a story, so here is an open challenge....... lets take 2 patients of any type of arthritis (this thread talks of Psoriatic Arthritis). Lets both give our treatment for 1 week. You show the result on one patient and i will show you the result on the other. I will send the medicine at the doorstep of that patient. you can work out your modalities with your patient.

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