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March 2018 (Vol. 3 Issue 1)

Eczema in babies

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19 Jan 2018 @ 10:35AM

My beautiful baby boy was born a perfectly healthy baby. As a working mother, I had a perfect plan for him: breastfeeding/formula supplementation for 6 months, food introduction at 4-6 months, and then traditional milk and so on, and I stuck to that plan.

At 6-8 months, we started noticing blisters on his tummy area, nothing too severe. We kept it natural. At 8 months, he ate something at a restaurant, broke out in hives, was taken to ER, and our journey to food allergies, severe eczema, seasonal allergies, and digestive issues started.

Mom quits job and flourishing career to manage son's severely worsening eczema, keeping him at home full time, attending multiple doctor appointments, getting blood work done on various diseases, cooking allergy friendly foods and changing our lifestyle to a hypoallergenic one — read, read, read, track, track, track, stress, stress, and more stress.

My hope with ( blog is to help other mothers out there with kids with eczema. Eczema is not a single point disease, it requires a strong management plan from all angles. So, you'll find my experiences, my knowledge, my opinions, latest research, my recipes, and my emotions on this blog!



Suzanne Davies

Suzanne Davies

7 Jun 2010 @ 00:10AM

Please take him to a homeopath & keep breast feeding! homeopathy can work really well in these cases - steroid cream will

eventually thin the skin; suppression creams are not a good way to treat any skin condition - it can push the problem into internal organs -

may suffer with asthma later in life, if not addressed.

look at this website, there is a database of practitioners or Tel: 015394 47666 for guidance

kind regards

S J Davies MLC Hom



6 Jun 2010 @ 20:41PM


Just found this video by Josh Rubin and thought you might find it interesting:




3 Jun 2010 @ 16:40PM

Thank you for your acknowledgment. So many people ask for help; suggestions pour in and then they don't have the courtesy to thank or come back with feedback on what worked or didn't. Much appreciated - and encouraging.


3 Jun 2010 @ 10:22AM

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to my post re my baby nephews eczema. I have passed your suggestions on to my sister who has found them very helpful and is trying many of them out


2 Jun 2010 @ 22:30PM

I suggest you take a look at the Gluten Free Prime Directive.

It is available at Safe Remedies and I have seen good results from its use.




1 Jun 2010 @ 18:17PM

Hi there,

So sorry to hear, but there has been some great advice posted here. For me,dealing with my son's eczema which surfaced when he was about 3, the greatest success has followed on from seeking help from a homeopathic GP, avoiding steroids and getting to the route of dietary triggers. Prevention is everything. We also chose not to vaccinate and he is all the better off for that I believe.Now at 10, he is totally symptom free.

We were recommended an incredible homeopathic cream. Made by Lehning and called 'Formule M', it was truly miraculous.

Diet wise we tried to avoid dairy and found ultimately that the biggest trigger for him seemed to be sugar,so still try now to moderate his intake.

Topically,adding some camomile tea to his bath water will help to calm the skin. We used this also when our son had chickenpox and he was over it in a few days and suffered very little discomfort.

I would be careful about the bath products,avoid all harsh irritants.No Sodium Laureth Sulfate, No Parabens. I have been using the "Green People" products for a decade.They are a small family run firm who came into being when the proprietor's own child suffered from eczema and they developed a range of safe healthy products.(Now they look after the adults too with lovely shampoos,skin care range etc but I still share the same gentle Lavender shampoo with my son now that we started using years ago.) They are really cost effective,need only a tiny amount as they are not heavily diluted. Widely available,Nutricentre etc and have their own website.

Good luck.



1 Jun 2010 @ 13:34PM

Hi - Please read my story. I had infantile eczema and was drenched in all kinds of creams, including very potent steroids for many years. These had short term benefits, but my problem remained with me throughout my teens and early adult life. The only 'solution' I have found is to totally avoid certain foods: wheat, dairy products, potatoes and occasionally cabbage and other vegetables. I read Dr D'Adamo's 'Eat for the Right Type' diet and found I had discovered the results of years of his research for myself. Do read his book - it makes absolute sense!

At last, at the age of 36 I was completely free of my tight, painfully itchy skin. However, I have recently realised that this is just a way to control my condition, and I am now in search of a permanant cure. I think that going down the diet route would be a fantastic start for you and your baby. However, once the condition is under control perhaps you could take the next step to discovering exactly what the cause is. In any case, all the very best in your quest for a healthy, happier future for your baby. K



26 May 2010 @ 13:53PM

Both my daughters had eczema from a young age. I used everything our G.P prescribed for my first daughter but these treatments never really worked and I disliked using the steroid creams. I was recommended a local Aromatherapist would made up a cream for me made of Vitamin E cream with Aloe Vera, Calendula and German Chamomile added. Within 3 days her eczema cleared up and if it ever reoccurred I just re-applied the cream. Hope this helps.


26 May 2010 @ 13:40PM

Hi moni_penny, I had eczema on and off from the time I was 5 years old well into adulthood until I came across a book called "The Cure Is In the Cupboard" by Cass Ingram. He claims eczema is caused by a fungus and that oil of oregano will get rid of it. Well, it worked for me and I've never had another problem with it (I do take a few drops daily). I wouldn't recommend it for an infant - it's very spicy and strong - but for an adult it's really worth a try. I just finished writing about it to someone else so I want to add I have no agenda and nothing to do with the product or the book, just wanted to share...

Namaste :-)

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