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May 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 3)

Common antioxidant reverses skin ageing and makes you look younger, scientists prove



7 Jun 2017 @ 10:30AM

While I'm delighted to read about most things in WDDTY - eg fantastic pieces such as 'Losing our eyesight, drop the fats, drop the risk' - I have become concerned about this Common Antioxidant piece. For two reasons, one verbal one visual, and both besmirching WDDTY's high reputation:

Visual: the pictures give the impression that this substance is too good to be true. Which undermines the veracity of the piece.

Verbal: methylene blue is described as a 'common antioxidant'. This - to me at any rate - makes it sounds like something helpful and natural, like Vitamin E. But it's not. Methylene blue is a thiazine dye, which is also used as a tranquilliser and as an insecticide.

Furthermore, the fact that this medically oriented page: is now stamped 'ARCHIVED: CONTENTS MAY BE OBSOLETE' generates my suspicions that a cover-up is going on. So, who stands to make money out of this substance??

And now perception is that WDDTY has been bought. I can't believe that's true, though, because I trust the WDDTY. team. But if I perceive that WDDTY's been bought, so may many others - who (being British) may not say so.

Brian, Lynn, - please change or add something that stops y'all looking like wallabies or worse!

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