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October 2018 (Vol. 3 Issue 8)

MMR vaccine and Autism - Link covered up by the CDC

3 Oct 2017 @ 15:24PM

My name is Michele Luna, I have had fibromyalgia and all of the fun stuff that goes with it since 2006.... shortly after my first son was born I started getting headaches; after that came muscle aches in the shoulders, then unrelenting fatigue. All of this kept getting worse and worse...I spent most of my young life in bed for 2 or 3 days at a time....I could not sleep at night due to a headache and entire body pain

I came upon Ivory's African Herbal Cure Web page, a site about holistic healing and immune system information.. I sent an email to Sandra Casey ( thinking well, this will take a while before I get a reply, but 15 minutes after I had sent that email a very nice lady named Barbara called me. She talked to me about how to support my immune system.

I ordered some supplements mentioned on that page ...I was thinking to myself I was really out of my mind to buy such an expensive package deal to help support my immune system and joint issues.

Now I have improved my diet and taking supplements that are helping support my immune system ... I will continue on with the program no matter what...I wanted to do house improvements this fall but decided that my health would come first and now am willing to give that up for a while...I am healed, happy and for the most part drug-free.... I do not take pain meds now...Instead, I take supplements....If somebody asked me if this Ivory African Herbal Cure program was worthwhile I would tell them it is not only worthwhile it is much more and beyond my expectations, they cure all types of diseases including Cancer,Hiv, syphilis, diabetes, madness, low spam count & also bring back your Lover e.t.c.

Email them :

29 Sep 2017 @ 14:30PM

Hello everyone. I might be preaching to the converted but.....I think it's important that everyone knows about the CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, who co authored THE study released in 2004 apparently showing no link between the MMR vaccine and autism. He has now admitted that he and his colleagues actually produced a fraudulent study. His confession has been recorded and he also managed to hand over all the documentation evidencing the fraud, which was about covering up what they really found. THAT THE MMR VACCINE DOES CAUSE AUTISM (as do other environmental toxins, of course). All the facts and evidence can be seen and heard in the documentary "Vaxxed: From cover-up to catastrophe" (Banned from last years Tribeca Film Festival in America).

Enjoy the information, spread the word and let's stop them from damaging our childrens' brains in their first few years of life!

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