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Drugs side effects and skewed research


29 Jun 2011 @ 12:07PM

I started a new forum discussing various approaches to "healing'

and specially to warn people that drugs have adverse reactions that may

take a couple of years sometimes longer to manifest. It can lead to diabetes,

tinnitus, and other more debilitating and serious illness.

A simple seach on Pubmed about mitocondria dysfunction and medications will

yield hundreds of studies, if not thousands to show the link. There is a direct correlation

with medication and diseases.

The forum (new) is called Health Quest and can be found here:

I have a blog, non personalized which exposes the skewed theories, lack of

knowledge and framework within the medical community, the collusion between

health agencies, medical professionals, and Big Pharma.

Few people know that Aspirin can trigger tinnitus, or that antibiotics

sticks to the DNA adducts and cause chronic illness and some can cause

sudden cardiac death, organ failure, tendonitis, (even appearing years later

as secondary symptoms), diabetes and so forth.

I take no meds, and will not unless near death's door, literally.

The reason I am as il as I am is because of a prescribed med 14 years ago.

Incidentally, there is more awareness amongst patients about the association of their

symptoms with medication even off the counter meds are unsafe.

I feel very srongly about this, and spent years reading the various theories

concerning diseases, and none stand up to scrutinity. We are very limited in our

knowledge and allopathic medicine offers a target reductionist approach to treatment.

It will not work, all systems are connected. In anycase, if cellular level is not addressed,

which it is not, there is no "healing" no cure!!

Input is welcome, abusive comments are not. Thank you

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