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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

? Glossitis in 6 year old in Australia



18 May 2012 @ 09:42AM

My friends 6 year old grandson who is asthmatic and gluten and lactose intolerant is suffering greatly from what one specialist has called Glossitis which really isnt a diagnosis. He has seen about 6 different types of specialists had a battery of tests all of which show nothing. When his tongue flairs up he cant eat anthing solid and is reduced to milk shakes or ice cream and whilst the attack lasts he feels geneally unwell lathargic and tired and miserable. His father is lactose intolerant his mother is gluten intolerant and several members of of his maternal granmothers family suffer from other types of auto immune problems. He uses a puffer for his asthma.

The attacks start with his tongue being extremely itchy and he needs to scratch for relief and then it progresses to where his mouth is so sore he cant tolerate food in his mouth. The only thing that gives him any relief are anthistamines.

I have suggested they see a naturopath which they are happy to do. However I was wondering if perhaps someone has seen this problem before and knows a bit more about it and how to successfully treat it . This little boys life is becoming a miserable round of doctors and tests and discomfort.

Hope someone can help.


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