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Treatment of cysts on scalp

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30 Aug 2011 @ 14:09PM


I am trying Agnus Castus as I have cysts on my scalp, one has increased rapidly in size over a few months being able to fit in the palm of my hand.

I am waiting to see a surgeon (reluctantly) as I was told by him a while a go "its a waste of time operating they just come back!" I asked him what caused them and he just looked blank at me!

I am quite desperate for any advise. can any one tell me?

1 are there any essential oils that are ok to use eg clary sage?

2 are the scalp cysts connected to the small cysts that have now appeared on face and eye lid?

3 is there a connection between endometeritis/ hormonal imbalancesand cyst formation?

Thank you .


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