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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

Amalgam replacement - problems arising following treatment including extractions.

richard ponsonby

richard ponsonby

27 May 2011 @ 01:54AM

Having any sort of of foreign body emplanted in your jaw is problematical, be it amalagam or ceramic implants. I would suggest having all your teeth pulled and be fitted with dentures. It will improve other aspects of your general health immensely.


25 May 2011 @ 15:05PM

Thanks KiwiGal'

I've been the cranial osteopath route - dentist working with osteopath to adjust dentures. Problem made much worse!

I had all the dentistry done in one go but initially began to recover reasonably well. My foggy brain due to mercury and gut problems makes it difficult for me to remember clearly the sequence of events following that but on checking through notes in my diary I have noted that the dizziness etc only started to develop after having crowns fitted about a month after the main dentistry. After more research over the past couple of days I have found that poorly fitted crowns can cause these sort of problems. One of the my crowns on the top rubs against the back of a lower tooth and pushes my jaw forward. Seems that this could be an answer. Another journey back to the dentist!




24 May 2011 @ 12:03PM

It sounds like no other dentist wants to admit that this has happened with them too!

I would go to a cranial osteopath to help realign your skull bones. It sounds as though your inner ear is in trouble as well. The readjustment may help clear the build-up of fluid and stop your dizziness.

Did he do everything at once? I think the jaw needs time to realign after each 'shock' extraction. Get a homeopathic remedy for shock as well. Sorry, can't think of anything more at the moment.



22 May 2011 @ 17:34PM

Three months ago I had amalgam fillings replaced, root canals removed, and some rear teeth extracted according to the Dr Huggins protocol. Following this treatment,I am now suffering from serious balance problems, dizziness, eye stress, and at its worst nausea and trembling. If I press my fingers between my gums at the rear of my jaw the symptoms are partially relieved which indicates that this is a jaw alignment problem. The dentist has recently supplied dentures which in theory should give support to the rear of my jaw. Even after returning a number of times for adjustments, these have not helped.

According to the dentist this is quite a common occurrence (He didn't warn me about the possible risk prior to treatment) that he often encounters. After desperately searching the internet, consulting other dentists and even questioning an ENT consultant it appears that nobody else has heard of the problem. As it appears that this dentist is the only one to encounter the problem, does this perhaps indicate that there is something seriously wrong with his procedure?

To whom or where do I go for help?

Is the condition likely to be permanent or will the body perhaps readjust over time?

Prior to the dentistry I was extremely physically fit and agile but now I stagger around as if drunk with a head to match.


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