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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

Non hodgkins lymphoma



3 Feb 2011 @ 10:05AM

Gidday mate!

"She doesn't know how to find an answer.." But that is her answer! She asked the question of the doctors, and that's what she's ended up with. She never listened to you; she doesn't want to know about self-healing. In truth, you behaved just like her doctors (albeit in a wonderful, proactive, healing way) in that you all did it to her .. she did nothing for herself but self-indulge. You made up her diet; you have given her support; you have sourced all the wonderful healing foods.. what's wrong with this picture?? She didn't do it herself!

And I have family members exactly the same. My sister drove me crazy once when her two children got whooping cough and she refused to use my wonderful Chinese herbs that kept my own daughter healthy while I was at her place every day 'supporting' her while she persisted with homeopathic remedies until she got the right one(s). In the meantime, oh how those children suffered while mine bounced around. Neither of us immunized our children.She wanted to prove (she later became a homeopath) that the remedy would work - but at the detriment of her children's health (who took weeks to come right). I said "What is more important to you - your experiment, or your children's well being.." to no avail.

I helped my landlady who was housebound through reaction to multiple drugs which ruined her kidneys (originally treated for a heart condition!). With BodyTalk, herbs, supplements and positive talk, she was able to stop panic attacks, get out into the garden, go to a luncheon... then her bully of a husband started to complain about "all the money she was spending on useless pills" - even though they were well off - and she told me she was stopping it all and going back to her doctor because she couldn't deal with the aggro (she was 82). The next time she was hospitalized for 'difficulty with breathing' the new, S.A. doctor sent her home saying there was nothing more they could do for her. Two months later she was dead; she just gave up. (I lived on the same rural property and saw her every day).

All I can encourage you to do is keep a sense of balance, especially with regard to yourself. If you invest too much and 'fail' you will be left a mess. She made her choice to live by the doctors, now she may have to die by them as well. I can say this because I am emotionally removed from the situation .. but I can tell you that I have been through this myself in the most personal and distressing way. I would encourage you to listen to Abraham-Hicks (just You Tube the name or try this one: ). I didn't find it until three years after the event, but I now have a much better perspective on this thing called Life (and Death), and our respective journeys.

Your opinion may be spot on, but she may not be able to hear it (it's pretty obvious that she doesn't, actually), and you have to be okay with that. You did your best. Well done you, and you can take comfort in that at least.


2 Feb 2011 @ 15:36PM

Yes, you are right, most of her life she has lived on toast & marmalde with a lot of tinned soup thrown in - no detox and no holistic support with regards to mind or body during the chemo, 'doctor knows best' approach. Now that she's been cast adrift by the experts and still reliant on the emotional pills she doesn't know how to find an answer. Before going for her latest results I had her juicing twice a day, lashings of Manuka honey (20UMF) on her porridge, everything she put in her mouth was organic and as raw as possible. A good start and a regime to continue with and focus on when all else conventionally has failed. Can't seem to get her off the pills though - she thinks she needs them and yes, the symptons she experiences are probably due to a body that has been depleted of all nutritional support through the years of neglect and then finished off by the chemotherapy.

It is her journey - I bought the Louise Hay book for her a year ago but it got put into storage somewhere, unread! - but have said I will do what I can to help as can't begin to imagine the dire situation she has found herself in. None of us know what's round the corner with regards to our own health or life. Some cope better with bad news than others and some have a loving supportive family around them to help them cope with that bad news. Through my great interest in the alternative I am more informed on how to maximise my chances of avoiding life threatening deseases and have an inbuilt mistrust of doctors who diagnose in 5 minutes. My views, even with my own family, some listen and others choose not to. But you can guarantee I'll always offer an opinion.

Thanks for your valuable thoughts,

From another kiwigirl



2 Feb 2011 @ 12:59PM

You don't say if your friend detoxed her body after doing that useless poison. I'm sorry for your pain, but if your friend has given up, then there's nothing you can do or give her that will make a difference. If she doesn't believe, it can't conceive. If she still believes in what doctors say and do, then all you can do is support her on her chosen journey.

You may find, when Googling the drugs she's on that their side-effects may be causing some of her symptoms. She's taking drugs for her sickness, not looking at supplements for her wellness. She needs a complete emotion-overhaul, but this won't happen when her brain is being controlled by drugs. She also needs detoxing - try Chlorella. If you've talked to her about this site and its concepts for years and she still went for chemo, then it is my opinion that you have to forget your own reaction and just be the friend she wants you to be, whatever that is.

I've got friends who simply don't listen to all 'helpful' advice, and continue to complain about pain and discomfort and rush to the doctor for scans and painful procedures (and lots of wasted time). I've learnt to say "Hmmm, Gosh, Oh poor thing,." and let them go on about it. If one says: "Tell me about..." I do, but I no longer offer it when it's not invited, even if it makes me grind my teeth in frustration. One friend has diverticulitis but still stuffs her face with white bread, processed meats, cheeses, sweets, lots of juice at dinner time etc. I am learning to relax and let go. I am not my bro-sister's keeper, even if I'M RIGHT!

It may be that the rest of her life is not fulfilling to her and she doesn't see any point in hanging on. Look at Louise L Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' for inner clues. Have the courage to let her be who she wants to be; it's her journey, her path. This may not be what you want to hear and I hope someone else gives you other suggestions to balance my point of view.

2 Feb 2011 @ 11:55AM


I have a friend (70 years old) that has NH lymphoma, she finished chemo a year ago but unfortunately it has returned and is aggressive. She has refused further chemo and now doesn't know where to turn. Unfortunately she is taking an antidepressant and anxiety drugs but finds she cannot stop shaking in the mornings and is in great danger of a complete 'meltdown'. I have subscribed to your magazine for years and pulled off various articles on lymphoma from your website while introducing fresh, organic food and juices into her diet, but now that the so called experts have little hope to give her and her life expectancy has been estimated between 2 & 4 months she seems to have given up.

I have been on to the website and find it very persuasive in its claims, so much so that I am thinking of purchasing some of the supplements mentioned - they do rave about them being miracle cures. As I trust WDDTY, does anyone have any knowledge of the website or indeed supplements and would they trust them?

Any suggestions in how best to support my dear friend in what is a very distressing situation, would be greatly appreciated.


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