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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

Antioxidants - Good or Bad?



11 May 2010 @ 18:38PM

Hi Alan,

Synthetic anything...antioxidents,vitamins,HRT,food additives are foreign to Nature and therefore foreign to the human body.

The effects of such things will vary from person to person but none of it will be good or lead to health.

Eat quality Organic,fresh foods to your Metabolic Type and you won't need antioxidants.




11 May 2010 @ 17:32PM

I have read several articles recently which suggest that antioxidant supplements may increase the chance of developing cancer. The evidence for this is based around studies at Cedars - Sinai Heart Institute Los Angeles - team leader Dr Eduado Marban. Similar research has been carried out by Dr David Gems at UCL and Professor Malcolm Jackson at the University of Sheffield. The basic theme seems to be that synthetic antioxidants are not only ineffective but actually interfere with the body's immune system's efforts to neutralize free radicals.

I am certainly not a scientist but the explanations and evidence supporting these claims seem very plausible. I would be most interested in comments from WDTTY readers.

Alan Evans


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