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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

COLLOIDAL SILVER How it helps me.



8 Nov 2010 @ 22:31PM

Right. Since I'm sure my brother knows everything (and makes up his own c.s.) I asked him to reply. He says this:

Not enough info to assess what she has as a generator. As a general rule pure distilled water is an insulator. However, at the extremely low level of current required, it may mean that it'll work with distilled water. If it does, the resultant silver particle size will be the smallest, which is what's wanted....

Everyone's right in this, then.



2 Nov 2010 @ 13:34PM

I am sorry but your brother does not know everything: I have a colloidal silver generator that makes very fine silver and I MUST use distilled water, it detects any particles and will not run. I tried to use filtered water and it would not even start. I changed the water to distilled and it started to work right away.

Silver does no need any tap water which is deadly to do a good job. I would never try to make silver without a generator since you will never know the quality. A generator regulates the amount of silver in the water . Tap water gets is the way of the process and renders it unlcean. I am cofident that the silver I make is pure and helps my health problems.



25 Oct 2010 @ 10:23AM

My brother who knows everything says it can't be pure distilled water - there must be a little bit of tap water to create a path that it can conduct to. It can't conduct unless there are some ions in the water. Pure distilled water is an insulator - it won't conduct. So if it is not working, add a small amount of 'impure' water.


22 Oct 2010 @ 21:31PM

I use it too. As a diabetic cuts tend to take a long time to heal, I spray the cut and it heals quickly without the cause of any infection. I also use alongside it hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade diluted to 3% (1part 35% HP to 11parts of distilled water) to make 3% solution. I also make my own collodial silver too. It must be made with distilled water.




1 Jun 2010 @ 14:42PM

thanks for sharing this kind of information....


20 Apr 2010 @ 14:08PM

I found Colloidal Silver while looking for a cure for Lupus, Yes I believe I can cure it. Since my own doctors were making my Hyperthyroid and Lupus worse I set out to fix my problems myslef.

I bought a spary bottle of CS first, It sarted to work failry swiftly but the 2 oz. bottle is $17.95 and that was not the cheapest. I went online and found a better? product but was still costly. It seems to be wroking a little better but that could be because now I am taking it longer.. Still looking for a better way I found that you can make it yourself very easily. The problem with that is the machine costs $219.00, steep but if it woks it is well worth it. So while tryiing to look for a better price I found on YOUTUBE.COM a whole community that makes it themselves, they even make the machine. The videos show you how, these are normal people like you and me.

When I started taking this liquid, which is almost tasteless, I felt terrible. Now after only a few weeks the pain from my Lupus is almost gone. I feel better, and last night I actually slept for over 6 hours, unheard of for me. This product is supposed to kill viruses, bacterial problems and infections. I have had (due to my Lupus) an infection in my lower jaw for over 1- 1/2 years. It is finally going away after taking many different kinds of anti bacteria medications.

I urge anyone to check this out, look for forums that discuss this liquid, do not go to sites that sell it. I have a lady that I volunteer caregive and she noticed a change in me and wants me to let her try it. She is crippled with arthritis. I am only waiting because I just ordered the silver.

To make this system, that many many people are using will only cost about $30.00, the most expensive part is the pure silver that you dirive my liquid from but makes gallons of CS. The cost is if you use 3 9V batteries and the silver, there is another way, instead of the batteries you can use a 30 voldt charger like the ones to use for a phone, but you must cut the wire so you must use an old one or find one at a flea market of garage sale.

Please check this out, I am not a nut, but I will try anything, and since this is sold in stores how bad can it be. One warning, they say that out of every 10 million people maybe 120 geta blueish tinge to your skin, but that would only happen if you consume gallons a day, I have no fear. Taking about 3 to 8 oz. per day for if you are already sick and mayber 2 oz. for maintenance.

Good luck I hope you at least check this out/.



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