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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

Type one Diabetes (in children) Helpful, simple supplement regime which we think has helped stabilis



27 May 2010 @ 16:05PM

Great and inspiring post. I am happy to see you're such a responsible parent, you really did everything you could for your daughter.

I'm a diabetic type 2, exercising and a ok diet is all it takes to manage my diabetes.

julie harper

julie harper

19 Apr 2010 @ 22:35PM

Thanks, Heidi, will look into it. Julie


15 Apr 2010 @ 12:07PM

Great stuff, Julie. I'm storing that for future reference (for others).

You could do one more thing; try to get the body balanced so that this dis-ease is eliminated and you don't have to worry yourself silly wondering if your daughter is doing her part in looking after her condition.

Go to: and have a read. If it sounds good to you, go to Practitioners/country etc. and see if there's a BodyTalker near you. Distance sessions are available too (pick someone who's done Pa Rama work). It could be that simple.

Cheers, Heidi

julie harper

julie harper

14 Apr 2010 @ 17:41PM

Having researched non conventional clinical work done with type one diabetes in other countries, I helped our12 year old daughter embark on a simple, non- invasive and cheap, daily regime that we think has helped stabilise her sugar levels and given her a current HBA1c of 4.6 - 5.2 for the past year or so.

Based on the idea that the pancreas is also a front line digestive organ -not just an insulin producing one - the idea is to support this compromised organ during the digestive process, thereby reducing the demands on it and allowing it to function more effectively all round.

  • Following medical advice, what we do is: take a maximum of 600mg of chromium picinolate a day - split into 200mg doses (reduce dose once effects seen to 200mg a day and add as need),
  • take digestive enzymes with main/large or fatty meals (we use 'Similase' from 'NUTRI' Ltd ,01663 718 850, specially designed for pancreas support but I think most digestive enzymes from high street health food stores do pretty much the same)
  • 15 - 20 mins after a main meal (give or take a few mins is fine), take 1/4 teaspoon of bicarb of soda dissolved in water to balance out the tendency to ph acidity of diabetics' digestion process.

It took a few months for our daughter's high blood sugar readings (in the teens and twenties) to gradually come down, paticularly the morning one, but come down they did, steadily and surely and now her daily averge is around 4 or 5.

What I also think helped hugely, bringing down her insulin needs dramatically, was a herbal mixture made up by a highly reputable medical herbalist, which had gymnena (bitter gourd) and turmeric in for example. Unfortunately, our daughter drifted out of the habit of taking it once results were good and now her insulin doses are nearer normal though still on the low side. I am hoping to return to the herbs again, just to prove their efficacy or otherwise.

Lastly, despite being told to the contrary, a non needle insulin delivery system does exist. I tracked one down and it's been really good for us. We really couldn't get on with the needles; I kept hitting blood vessels and things and they were painful (I accept others have no problem and that's brilliant) BUt if you have a child or are an adult who struggles with needles too, then look up the 'SQ 100 Needle Free Insulin Delivery System'. It is a high pressure 'injection' that doesn't hurt tho' sometimes you might feel a slight sensation.

I'm happy to be contacted if you want to chat about any of these things.


JUlie Harper


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