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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

Gut Parasites



11 Apr 2010 @ 18:32PM

Thank you Robin,

I looked on the other thread, and i am now taking diatomaceous earth, and a very restricted high fiber diet, i feel as weak as a kitten, and i'm now 7 and a half stone and i have a cold, can anyone tell me how long this takes to work to eliminate gut parasites?



5 Apr 2010 @ 18:56PM


Contact Emma Lane here: Emma is probably the best "anti-parasite practitioner" in the UK.

If you are in the USA try Josh Rubin here:

Meanwhile if you contact me privately I will send you an anti fungal/parasite protocol from Doug Kaufman's book The Fungus Link.

You need to avoid ALL fruit with possible exceptions of GREEN apples,lemons,limes,grapefruit and berries (NOT strawberries).

Meat is part of an anti fungal protocol but ORGANIC meat only as non organic is a major sources of GRAINS in your diet which will make you worse.

You can also eat fish and eggs.

Coffee makes parasites worse as it is a bean and is often contaminated with fungus and toxins from being chemically sprayed and stored.

Depending on severity of symptoms it is recommended you follow the diet for a MINIMUM of 3 months. Read this may help.




5 Apr 2010 @ 11:23AM


I have had the symptoms of gut parasites for 14 years, although i don't know which one, i have never seen anything with my naked eye, but only worm like things under my own microscope. My GP has concluded it is stress related as as their lab results showed nothing, although i am not stressed, i have a wonderful life apart from this.

my symptoms can be made worse or better depending on what i eat, worse= refined sugar, alcohol, coffee, red meat & white bread & pastry. = a swarming of itchy wriggly things all over my anus, labia vagina neck and sometimes they migrate up my back and down my legs, keeping me awake most of the night, & i recently had a womb infection, & appalling headaches & grogginess all over.

Better = detox diet, raw fruit & veg, raw garlic, colon cleanse, wormwood formula, paraxil, probiotics, echinaecha & ground cloves, pumpkin seeds & walnut, black walnut tincture, and obsessive cleaning===sleeping through the night, with sleeping tabs, & occasional itching, although i still feel there is the MOTHER OF ALL WORMS descending from my anus and laying eggs and others biting the inside of of my rectum.

Ovex & pripsen stopped working years ago, my questions are-------i have been detoxing for 2 weeks, and i was already skinny to start with 5 foot 6 inches, & 8 stone but i;m wasting away on a raw fruit and veg diet, despite eating lots of it, is there anything safe i can eat to put weight on? And how long do i need to do this for it to work?

i did an enema last night after my itching intensified following a day when i had both coffee and fried onions with prawns, alongside my raw veg, and my itching was 'swarming' by the evening, Question----could an enema make it worse? Or was i just flushing a lot of live worms nearer my rectum? I was careful to flush out my bowel with water, before i did a black walnut tincture enema, followed by a probiotic yogurt enema, i thought i would have flushed them out, but it seemed to make it worse,i itched most of the night with little wriggly ones, and 'MOTHER W' came as well!!! has anyone got any similar experiences or advice? I am very discouraged by this setback.


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