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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

mmr vaccine



28 Mar 2010 @ 21:34PM

Right now in the US in young children under three - 1 in 17 has a serious food allergy. Fatal food allergies are becoming less and less rare. I know of two people who have a fatal fish allergy. If they smell fish cooking, they could die and have had several close calls. Fatal peanut allergies are becoming more and more common.


Medicine is exempt from disclosing all the ingredients in medicine and vaccines. Nearly every edible oil known to man - from peanut oil to shellfish oil to evening primrose oil - can be mixed together and used as a diluent in the vaccine adjuvant and THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO APPEAR ON THE PACKAGE INSERT!!

You can read patents for vaccine adjuvants to get an idea of all the ingredients that can be used in an adjuvant.

Another source of food protein in vaccines is from the culture medium. Food waste is used to feed the bacteria until the final feeding. They cannot possibly clean out every particle of food that the bacteria do not eat.

When the trace amounts of food protein get into the vaccine that your child receives, you get a food allergy.

A mother of a child who has a fatal peanut allergy found the same connection that I found. She has a book out: The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic: the first full exploration of the phenomena of peanut allergy in children in the western world. Her book is available at amazon or from her website:

My research is on my website:

I have also found that Tylenol is linked to asthma and the common antibiotics given to children can be grown on peanut meal.

There is also research by Dr. Andrew Moulden who has videos on youtube and on his website showing how all vaccinations cause ministrokes.

Each childhood vaccination listed on the recommended list of childhood vaccines is worth about a billion dollars to the manufacturer. Our government no longer funds research. Nearly all of the research on vaccinations and medicines is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The medical community is brainwashed into only reading "peer-reviewed" studies which are ones paid for by drug industry. The studies are biased and contrived to produce only results favorable to the drug industry.

It will take a grassroots effort to combat this corporate greed. Now that you have this information, check it out for yourself, then email it and share it with every parent you can.



24 Mar 2010 @ 17:25PM

some info on the dangers of this vaccine and all vaccines

laws/opt out waivers/ingr/lots of info you wont find on the CDC website on vaccines.



16 Mar 2010 @ 21:48PM

Hi Mila,

Are you sure MMR is required by law?

Many authorities try and get people vaccinated by making it sound like it is a legal requirement when it is not.

You could print this form off and ask your Dr to fill it in and sign it before you will allow your child to be vaccinated.

When your Dr refuses to sign it ask him/her why... If MMR is so safe?

I have heard of some parents putting off the vaccine until a later date...when that date arrives they put it off until a later date...this way you are not refusing the vaccine,you are just delaying it...indefinately.




12 Mar 2010 @ 17:16PM

Hi, M
Thank You, very much, for such a thorough answer and support, as well!
All the best,


12 Mar 2010 @ 17:11PM

Hi, Heidi

Thank you very much for answering my letter and, above all, for giving a good advices. It is very good idea to suggest separate vaccination. I red about side-effects of MMR on internet, but I don`t think my doctor will take it into consideration, since "you can find anything on internet". I will, certainly, prepare myself.

Once again, thank you for the support,




11 Mar 2010 @ 18:29PM

Hi Mila

I am so so sorry you do not have a choice in your country. That is such a violation of one's rights - especially for those who practise or use holistic medicine.

What you could do is maybe find a sympathetic doctor and ask him/her if you could have all three separately (which as long as possible between each one!). That way you can find ways to flush the effects out (like with the green powder Chlorella) and the child's body isn't overloaded with toxins, especially the mercury.

By all means find a homeopath and get a remedy after the event, but I personally would rather do it my way, to make sure of the non-overloading. I don't know if presenting a 'certificate of homeopathic vaccination" would work or if you've got access to one, but these two suggestions may be your only avenues. You could also present to your doctor all the evidence of autism and other nasty reactions to the MMR since you obviously speak good English and can find many sites to prove it.

Good luck, Heidi



10 Mar 2010 @ 22:09PM

Hi Mila

There are homeopaths who offer homeoprophylaxis - i.e. "homeopathic vaccination". This usually involves giving the nosode (a homeopathic remedy made from the relevant disease) or a remedy that creates a very similar symptom picture, usually in a series of potencies.

There are a several people publishing good work on this area, some of the most notable being Isaac Golden, from Australia, and Christina Head in the UK.

Isaac Golden's website:

Christina Head's:

Whether the authorities would accept homeopathic vaccination is another matter, in spite of Dr Golden's well documented successful results.

I suggest you contact your national homeopathic organisation:

Talk to some homeopaths in your country for ideas as to how to approach the problem. If you cannot get out of vaccinating your child, most homeopaths would suggest minimizing the likelihood of vaccine damage by giving a homeopathic remedy made from the vaccine before and after the vaccination.

Titus Smits, in the Netherlands is another big name in the homeopathic treatment of vaccine damage and prevention and he gives his suggested treatment schedule to protect against vaccine damage on his website here:

Good luck with it,




9 Mar 2010 @ 19:55PM

Is there some way to avoid MMR vaccination, since it is obligation by low ( I live in Serbia)? I've heard that a child who is allergic to eggs shouldn't receive it, but my baby is not allergic and I really don`t want her to take it. I had MMR vaccine as a child and yet I had measles and mumps.

Does homeopathy have something that has similar effect, so a child can take it instead of MMR?

If anyone have any idea, I`ll be grateful to hear.




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