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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

ottis media with effusion in my 5 year old



9 Feb 2010 @ 14:16PM

P.S. Cut out all dairy and grains for a while until the mucous clears, then stay away from wheat and dairy as much as possible forever more...!


9 Feb 2010 @ 14:15PM

My daughter became deaf in one ear due to blockage in the middle ear. I refused grommets and took her to a cranial osteopath. In half an hour he had it draining!

I also use Bioptron light and colours (purple) to encourage circulation in the area, which gets rid of benign positional vertigo immediately.

You are right - there are other things than surgery and doctors' intervention for this sort of thing. Go to the cranial osteopath. If that doesn't work quickly enough, I'll give you the UK address for Bioptron (if that's where you live).

Well done for your stance



6 Feb 2010 @ 18:27PM

My daughter just started seeing a new ent after the first one saw her one time becuase of hearing loss due to middle ear fluid and wanted to perform surgery the next day. I thought it was a bit crazy to opt for ear tube surgery with no prior history of glue ear or ear infections of any kind. I took her to a new ent and this one also wants to put in ear tubes, but according to the doctors they may last only 6-12 months with a possible reoccurence of middle ear fluid. She does have mild to moderate hearing loss from the fluid, but has no speech delays or any pain in her hears or problems. I told the doctor I am not comfortable with doind the hear surgery on someone who is healthy and has no ear pain. Im not a big fan of general anesthisia and would be prefer to watch and treat the hearing loss with temporary hearing aids until she grows the dcotors said by 7-8 your eustachian tubes start to function more properly and most will never have another problem with glue ear. Anybody have an opinion on this or some advice. The doctor is really pressiong me, and I its making me feel like I am not making the right decision. I just feel that when there is no pain or emergency surgery may not be the best option for my child.


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