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recovering from general anesthetic

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2 Feb 2010 @ 20:04PM

Hi Dayna,

1.Find your metabolic type here.

2.Eat fresh,unprocessed organic meat and veg to your metabolic type.

3.Find your weight in kilos....multiply it by 0.033 and drink that many litres of water each day...put a pinch of sea salt in each litre.

4.Get to bed before 10.30pm and rise no sooner than 6am.

This simple plan will help your body detox naturally.

Anaesthetic does toxify the body but your liver should be able to deal with it if you are healthy.

The best resource I have found about detoxifying is this DVD by david Getoff:



2 Feb 2010 @ 17:44PM

Can anyone help me to know what herbs or veggies are the best for cleansing the system of the toxins produced from a general anesthetic.

I am worried that my liver was harmed and I need to make sure I won't suffer more consequences than necessary.

Thank you....Dayna


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