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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

HPV vaccination



8 Feb 2012 @ 16:13PM

This presentation by David Ayoub MD should remove any remaining doubt you may have about your decision not to allow your daughter to have the HPV jab.




2 Feb 2012 @ 17:14PM

Absolutely, totally and completely RIGHT!!! Well done! All you have to do is Google the vaccine and a multitude of reasons why you should not get the vaccine will come up. It's just another way for Big Pharma to garner money; there is a TINY percentage of women who get this form of cancer and there is no way of knowing whether the vaccine 'worked' or whether the girl would have developed it.

There are more and more horror stories appearing - thank god for the Internet. Stick to your guns; your daughter will thank you for it later. Just teach her proper hygiene and sexual safety and you'll be right.... again.



31 Jan 2012 @ 19:31PM

Yes,you made the right decision and you should be proud of it.

You are absolutely correct in having concerns about the HPV vaccine and indeed all vaccines.

Many reports are coming in of the damage it is doing to young girls...especially in the USA.

The vaccine manufacturers are lobbying the government to give it to boys as well and it is being proposed.

You will probably get lots of flack from the medical profession about your fitness as a parent and pressure to submit but this is standard operating procedure against those who dare question "medicine".

Visit and if you doubt your wisdom.

Well done!!! I only wish more parents had your wisdom.




26 Jan 2012 @ 09:45AM

My daughter is 13. At her school the HPV vaccinations were recently administered.

We decided against our daughter having these vaccinations, being concerned that not enough is known about the possible long-term side effects. Did we make the correct decision ? Does anyone have any comments on this issue ?

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