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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

high cholesterol



31 Jan 2012 @ 19:41PM

Stress and inflammation are the biggest causes of high cholesterol so diet is only part of the solution.

I am afraid a low fat diet is not the answer either.

Get healthy first and your cholesterol will normalise.

My best suggestion is read Paul Chek's book How To Eat,Move and Be Healthy and follow his advice.

If you are desperate enough you will buy it and read it and change your life.

Staying away from doctors as much as possible is also advisable.




13 Jan 2012 @ 09:06AM

I had a TIA last October and was advised to lower my cholesterol which was 5.7. I never eat cheese butter,marg or cream but put myself on a low fat diet in October. I have eaten lots of garlic,taken Fish oil ,drunk a little red wine,no sweets or chocs and lots of veg and fish (not fried)and have walked daily. I have lost a stone in weight but my cholesterol has gone up to 6.5. I am so disappointed and am at a loss to know what to do. Statins are really not an option as I have a eye muscle problem. Any suggestions would be welcome as I am desperate to feel well.

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