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10 Mar 2011 @ 06:13AM

Read the book "Type2Hypothyroidism The epedemic" by Dr. Mark Starr. Google it. Explains why doctor dont even look at us anymore. Plus why we have all these mistery diseases. Broda barn had a handle on it 50 years ago. He said the tyroid blood tests would miss the majority of people with hypothyroidism. Its easily detectable by looking at people. If u know what to look for but doctors dont cover any of his research in med school. They just treat the symptom with sinthetic pills that cause all kinds of other side affects. If have a few of these symptoms it will be worth your time to look for yourself. Along with many other diseases & syndromes, such as cronic pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, high colestoral, ADHD (in children & adults) hair loss, plus many of the problems that all these tv drug advertisements are supposed to solve were all listed as "symptoms" of Hypothroidism over 40 years ago. Dr Broda Barnes predicted all of these problems before he died. Simple taking your armpit temperature first thing in the morning before getting out of bed with as little movement as possible can tell you alot if its "low". Below 97.8F. Google "Broda O Barnes Foundation" or "Broda Barnes Basel Body Temp. Test". Also "Dr Mark Starr" his website is "21st Century Pain and Sports Medicine" These are to doctors that get to the root problem. Very interesting info on there websites. Hypothroidism is an easy problem to treat. The problem is that most doctors, general practitioners & even edocronoligist will only treat on lab tests that don't detect the most common form of the disease. So people accept the other diagnosis and usually a lower quality of life. We end up having to seek out doctors that have studied the disease to cure themselves or family members. Dont give up. They are out there.

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