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5 Dec 2009 @ 14:28PM

Actually, I just saw a piece on television which said that a French doctor is doing everything he can to have African men get circumcised because there's been a big drop in HIV within circumcised men.

This sounds like an intensely-personal subject for you with lingering sadness/outrage. Could I timidly suggest you get in touch with an EFT practitioner ( to clear this from your active memory as it may have health repercussions as well as emotional ones for you.



4 Dec 2009 @ 04:30AM

A further point.

We know that in reality nearly all circumcisions are unnecessary, and amount to the unjustifiable butchering of someone's genitals, with lifelong effects. They are unnecessary because even the very tightest foreskins usually loosen by themselves by age 18, at the most extreme, but parents don't want to believe it. Or, for the antimasturbation brigade. finding tightness is just a convenient excuse.

But imagine the trauma of a boy with a really tight foreskin who has never even seen his glans, not even a tiny bit of it, and doesn't know about it, It must look like his body has been literally turned inside out, And all his masturbation has been about gliding the foreskin over the inside part, and suddenly the former has gone, and it's all just very sore. Tragically upsetting and traumatic.

It is also unpleasant the way in which boys are quack 'tested' by adults. Because it is an embarrassing and deceitful topic, there may be almost no explanation. Maybe something muttered about you haven;t been to the toilet for three hours. Then the adult just takes out the penis and roughly pushes it around in an unpleasant way to make it go erect. He can't masturbate it, and wouldn't ask the boy to do it, even though he/she knows he masturbates a lot, and so must know full well what it does and how it works. Then the adult squeezes the top of the penis in a painful vice-like grip, and pushes down on his foreskin with all his body weight, producing loud screams of agony from the boy, and risking tearing the tendons linking the foreskin to the frenulum. At the start of this the boy feels massively violated being invaded in this way, particularly with no explanation that makes any sense. (As we know, there isn't any explanation that makes sense.) At the end he feels injured, and is terribly worried that his penis has already been damaged, and also terribly worried that he is clearly going to be circumcized. He wonders if making his penis produce such intense pain was intended as a warning not to masturbate, a shot over the bows. So he finds somewhere private and secret, and sobbingly comforts himself with, guess what, lots of masturbation.

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