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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)




4 Dec 2009 @ 02:16AM

All praise for your article saying that older boys (eg age 7) can feel very angry and traumatised over the loss of their prepuce.

This extremely obvious observation somehow doesn't get made all that often in articles on circumcision.

We know that even young boys derive much comfort from fondling the penis. Whilst they can have a dry climax, the feelings aren't limited to climax. There is the extremely pleasant, intimate feeling of the prepuce gliding over the highly sensitive glans. Discovering that this comfort mechanism has been forever destroyed must be unimaginably upsetting. It must be all the worse if the child was never meaningfully told what was to be done, and was just left to make the discovery, as seems to be often the case. Most likely, to avoid using the masturbation or similar word to a child, he was not even told that he would still be able to masturbate to climax. It doesn't look like he could, when the bandages come off. But the destruction of the milder feelings are still of great concern.

Paradoxically circumcision doesn't take away the ability to climax, but takes away the subtler comfort feelings. Maybe some parents are happy with this, because climax is typically over quickly, whilst the fondling can go on for hours. Why not do some exciting schoolwork instead?

When it is a compliant pubescent 14 year old, it is unimaginable how great the psychological trauma could be. To focus strongly on these uniquely pleasant sensations and then have a good part of them taken away must be deeply disturbing, and lead to a total loss of trust.

A parent would have to be a crazed member of the 'masturbation police' to wish this on their son.

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