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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)

12 year olds bloated tummy



17 Nov 2009 @ 13:27PM

That's really interesting Penny - I wouldn't have thought it would be related. Thanks.




17 Nov 2009 @ 10:12AM

Having read this article and your response to it, I feel certain that you may have overlooked a very important possibility.

If when the girl was younger she got lots of bouts of tonsilitis, and our wonderful conventional doctors, whose only idea of treating this is to REMOVE the tonsils, her body's reaction will be to use the next available glands, which just happen to be in the tummy area and are a frequent cause of 'unexplained' tummy ache in children.

Now the REAL cause of all these problems frequently comes from either a damaged foot or leg, or sometimes even if a child is born with a 'clicky' hip. The problem only manifests itself when the child starts walking.

I have proved beyond just assumption the connection between damaging a foot or leg and frequent bouts of tonsilitis, through both personal experience (I've dislocated my left knee twice, and badly twisted the same ankle. OUCH! After each occasion, I ended up with severe tonsilitis) and through speaking to other people. Conventional medicine merely throws antibiotics at the problem, whereas the best treatment is a chiropractic approach, which will realign the pelvis which will have become misaligned through the limping caused by the damage.

When I told my own GP about this connection, he typically just looked at me as if I was stupid. The truth of the matter is that conventional doctors are the stupid ones since they are trained to create legalised junkies!!!
I hope this will be of help to many readers


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