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Abuse on the site


16 Sep 2009 @ 12:11PM

Hello Eric - pleased to meet you. There are lots of knowledgeable people on here - I have certainly learnt a lot since I've been logging in.



16 Sep 2009 @ 11:50AM

hi, I am newbie here and i just introducing myself to this site for geting more in to the Boi knowledge. Hope you all won't mind it.



30 Aug 2009 @ 17:24PM

Hi Adelaide
I hope the amusement came from my writing style as well as you looking at the Aussie's comeback to our 100% successful advertising campaign: actually it's YouTube -Australia - Invade NZ TV Ad to be accurate, and while you're there, have a look at our Bugger ad, we laughed like drains when that one came out..
Adelaide is a State in Oz - like I called myself Kiwi, I thought there was a possibility that you were not using your name but a location. Of course it's very possible that the State was named after somebody's grandmother when they were making up names....

I will be the first to admit that I'm a bit cavalier when I write sometimes but if I'm pulled up on it I like to think I'm big enough to acknowledge and (sincerely) apologise for it and not do it again. My very direct character has to be taken into account a bit here too, though ... put it down to my pioneering genes drawn from Britain (Scotland in my case) to form our greener and pleasanter land - kidding..! And I truly hate to admit this (because I didn't know about it until I was 24) but my father was born in Australia. So I'm (gasp) tainted!
I've gone back over what I wrote to Harradine and Dr Saji and there's a bit of cringe material in there, but nothing I'd take back.

I don't know if 'debate' is the correct word (because that's all H. wants to do - oh and be right with it) but certainly 'comment' on what other people put up - i.e. not "you are wrong" but "aren't you forgetting.." or "what if you look at it from this way"...leaves room for the recipient to go away and check up on what he/she said and see if there's room for improvement.

Quite frankly, upon reading the latest Natural News where they've discovered that yet another (anti!) cancer drug Tamoxifen which they laud for apparently preventing 20% (!%^*#) of cancer returning, has turned out to be greatly provoking (by 500%) rare forms of other cancers in survivors who are encouraged to take it long term, I would rather that the merits or demerits of medical procedures not be brought onto this site because we are all capable of educating ourselves on them from their sites - leaving this one free to explore the gentler alternative methods. I still very firmly believe that this is not a site for scientific and medical types to hammer us with their logic and data and sneering attitude at our lack of 'real' qualifications. Anyway, just maybe the message has got through, because it's gone really quiet in that department. How much bad feeling can one absorb through the energy wires before getting the hint?

Now I've got to go and water the garden, so I'll leave you to your readings. I'll hear from you next week then, given the amount you've got to wade through.....

Cheers Heidi


29 Aug 2009 @ 18:43PM

Hi KiwiGal,

Well thanks for the afternoon amusement........................I was slightly bemused by your speculations. I have never been to Australia or to NZ but maybe one day will nake the journey.

The confusion seems to be that I thought, mistakenly that Sue had some editorial authorisation/connection with this site. Thus my emails were addressed to her. However KiwiGal, am quite happy to reply to you too.

The use of the name Adelaide: it was my great grandmother's name and she wasn't a Kiwi or an Aussie and has never visited either place.

OK, what is this site about? To exchange ideas and to enter into debate. To find out what works for other people and why they chose a particular treatment or why their sister/mother/father/friend has found some way to treat their illness that may be vital information for another person who might also have that illness. . To get information from people and exchange information with others. To provide useful information about hospitals/medical centres etc that might save another person's skin or give them help deciding what to do about their (often) sub standard treatment.....I've had so many surreal experiences in hospitals I should write them up on this site.

I think that Mr Flynne shows signs of being OTT, over the top, and his theories are "grandiose" and self-aggrandizing. Whatever you believe in you have to have some rational for believing in it. It doesn't have to be based on some drug trial, many of which are flawed anyway. If you believe that a particular method or particular drug, whether it is produced organically or bought over the counter, works for a condition then the reasons are usually experiential, by word of mouth or finding plaudits that are believable. Whatever the reason it has to have some logic to it.

I feel that there is a danger in believing in treatments and theories just because you want to believe in them, as this can inversely have negative repercussions.

I mentioned eugenics in my prior email because this "science" or quasi science was viewed as completely credible, yet was the basis for the death of millions of people. And in America many people were sterilised and had lobotomies because of this system of belief. Many things can be made to look feasible when there is a strong motive for wanting them to be believed.

OK KiwiGal, I will read over some of your posts and then get back to you......



29 Aug 2009 @ 15:26PM

Hi Heidi - we're all here to learn from each other. We just have different things to teach.

Take care



28 Aug 2009 @ 18:59PM

Sue - I am learning a lot from you..... XX


28 Aug 2009 @ 17:08PM

Hi Heidi

Your aggression was infiltrated with really good advice as well, so for me it kind of balanced out.

For newcomers to the site, I always take the view that they are innocently asking questions, until they prove different. Sometimes when people are ill they don't have anyone to talk to and need the comfort of the human communication they get here. Just because they ask about drugs doesn't automatically make them anti-WDDTY.

Adelaide and I have communicated via this site for quite a while so that's probably why she has been addressing me. Nothing to be taken personally I am sure.

Take care and have a good day.



28 Aug 2009 @ 15:34PM

Sue - I apologise for my part in the aggression, but reason and nice requests, and an attempt at shaming both Saji and H. into pulling their horns in didn't work; so I felt I had to couch it in language that would batter their thick minds into submission, so to speak. Saji hasn't tried to blind us with science since my very blunt b.o. message, contenting himself with just getting in an inane last word, which he's welcome to. Since H. realised he'd gone too far, maybe it's filtering through that he's not liked or welcome on this site.

I feel the reason for this site is clear, and therefore I will not stop reminding people who want to talk about their medical procedures without indicating that a shift to holistic is in the wind, that they should take their questions elsewhere. What irritates me the most is "What do you know of this drug or that.. " when all they have to do is Google it - as I do - and they have their answers. Part of me thinks that they just want to bait us or something similar .. who knows - maybe they're H.'s friends he's sooled onto us just for a laugh. Anyway they get short shrift from me - which is why it's good to have you around, to soften the edges as it were. Acting as policeman? More like keeping the intentions of the site to the fore.

Adelaide seems to have a thing about me too, as all her emails were addressed to you, ignoring totally my input. I could get a complex there.... Glad to have been of help anyway Adelaide... of course with a callname like that, she could be Australian - which would account for it. I see the Aussies are wracking their brains trying to come up with a logo as good as ours (their grudging admission) of "100% Pure" .. because apparently "Where the bloody hell are ya" by a whiney-accented girl in a bikini did not go down well in most countries who don't like (a) females (b) skimpy attire (c) swearing and (d) never heard of Australia..... although to be fair, if you YouTube 'Australia vs NZ' it will come up with an extremely funny comeback to that ad. I won't write the punchline because it made me crack up with laughter. Unfortunately for them, though, they've still got to think of something better. Now what rhymes with "roo".......


28 Aug 2009 @ 14:44PM

Hi Heidi

I've covered most of the subject in my previous post to Adelaide. Yes, you can delete your own posts - check on the top right of the post itself. For someone else's posts, if they are really offensive, you can "report abuse" at the bottom right.

I also read Harradine's post where he accused the McTaggart's of using this site as a money making scam - or words to that effect. I didn't know his post had disappeared or else I would look for it and quote him exactly.

I have been delighted to see over the past few days that the site is coming back to normal again. It got very weird for a while and not the supportive site that it's meant to be. The angry energy you see on the news etc. managed to infiltrate onto here and now hopefully it has gone for good.

Take care



28 Aug 2009 @ 14:31PM

Hi there

I checked again when I read your and Heidi's posts and you're quite right - it's there. I hadn't checked back far enough. As you say, it's really offensive. I have reported it as abuse - don't know if you did the same when you were in it. Could be an idea to bring it to WDDTY's notice if you haven't. It's totally inappropriate for this site - I am sure there are many websites out there where he/she would be welcome.

Harradine believes he is right and we are wrong and there is nothing we can do to open his mind to anything other than what he knows. He asked me about emotional healing, Robin and I both gave him sources of information and the next day it's like those posts didn't exist and he's back on his familiar treadmill. It's like talking to a brick wall. Each of us have our own motivations for posting on here. I have received some really useful information and advice that I've passed on to friends and which have benefitted them. I am not here to convince Harradine or anyone else of the validity of natural healing. I have given up where he is concerned as he really doesn't want to know anything that doesn't back up his own knowledge. I'm really not sure why he posts on here, unless it's to drive people away, as he isn't here to learn anything as he doesn't think we have anything to teach. I say this quite openly as I'm sure he will be reading this at some stage.

I agree with you though Adelaide, he's not here promoting racism or anything. He is just coming from his scientific knowledge and the lack of belief in anything that can't be scientifically proven. I am really glad that I don't have that limited perspective, because in my lifetime I have experienced miracles of healing which are completely unexplainable but nevertheless happened.

I was very pleased to read on here that you appear to be getting better. I wish you continued healing and much happiness.


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