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Must rely on nonprescription meds



28 Jul 2009 @ 13:30PM


I haven't treated anyone personally with my Bioptron light ( but I know of two people whose glaucoma pressure went down to 11% & 15% when using it. Save your pennies and invest in a light; it's great for all injuries and eye problems (cataracts too). The whole family can use it. Save some more and buy the colour set - find someone to advise you on the use of the individual colours.

Good luck



23 Jul 2009 @ 21:28PM

Hi. This is an excellent idea. I just registered. Am low-income enough that I cannot pay extra for Medicare insurance nor any other kind of insurance nor can I pay nearly $100 a month for glaucoma eyedrops. Sites and docs that are supposed to help me are ignoring me. I have too many bills and high rent for insurance so am continuing to rely upon and research less expensive natural supplements that do not require prescriptions nor doctor visits. This site may prove very helpful in my searches to help myself in ways that I can afford.

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