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March 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 12)


Chronic pain in lower leg

About two years ago I suffered an injury to the lower half of my left leg. The laceration began at the bottom of my knee and continued down the leg for about 8 inches along the inside part of the calf. The cut got deeper as it descended down the leg. I don't believe the calf muscle was penetrated but the laceration allowed me to see the muscle. I could see a few veins that were cut. I ended up with about 50 stiches (20 in/30 out). After about 8 weeks I was released by my physician. Initially, the whole area was numb from the top of the wound to my ankle. It did not affect any of my activities so I ignored it, my physician told me it was likely that I would never regain sensation. About 9-10 months after the injury I began having stabbing pains and burning from the top of the calf to the arch of my foot. I had a MRI of the lower leg and one of the back. Neither revealed anything that may be root of my problem. I am taking Lyrica (450/day) and that seems to alleviate the stabbing pains but not the burning sensation. Any ideas? Thanks
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