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Good site



1 Jul 2007 @ 19:15PM

I could not find a place to email or notify anyone at WDDTY, but I just wanted to take some time and tell you how impressed I am with the site, forum, and info here. Well done, interesting, and a site where I can "get lost" in reading info.

I'd like to link to your site from my site, if you don't mind. I think much of the information here would be helpful to the guys 'n' gals on the website. WIth me having fibromyalgia, working, and paying for "working" every day what little free time I have, I try to devote to my website & forum there, but I do wander off to other sites, and this will be a regular.

Again, excellent site! Moving up the ranks of my favorites now. Jefferson (I believe, FibroFog is working today!) said that if the American people understood how a bank works, there would be a revolution before the next day. If the American people knew, understood, and had access to exactly what doctors, drug companies, and the health industry in general don't tell us, or how the whole industry worked, there would be in fact, a revolution. This site having the format for "What Doctors Don't Tell Us" will educate those willing.

One more time! Excellent website, contents, and overall presentation!

aka/Bob Hall

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