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February 2019 (Vol. 3 Issue 12)

Robert Verkerk



Robert Verkerk PhD is the executive and scientific director of the Alliance for Natural Health International, a consumer group that aims to protect our right to natural healthcare and information. For more information and to get involved, please visit:


#Gluten #Diet






Medical terrorism

December 29th 2016, 14:26

In the last six weeks, I’ve met with leaders of ketogenic dietary approaches for cancer in Melbourne and London who were targets of personal and professional attacks, I’ve met families in California who plan to leave the state because they don’t want their kids vaccinated, yet still want to send them to school, and I’ve met doctors in Australia and the US under threat of having their licences revoked because they exempted children at high risk of adverse vaccine reactions.

Yes, cancer treatments and vaccination are still the two most controversial areas between mainstream and so-called alternative medicine—which is strange, as mainstream medicine has not had unparalleled success in treating cancer or protecting people from the diseases targeted by vaccination. And while the available data are neither convincing nor reliable, with remarkably few pharma-independent attempts to pool these data and publish findings in peer-reviewed journals, the status quo is maintained.


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