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May 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 3)

Talking the walk



Lynne McTaggart is co-editor of WDDTY. She is also a renowned health campaigner and the best-selling author of The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond.


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Talking the walk

March 1st 2019, 14:23

All across the world, people are lining up to do the Walk the Walk Moonwalk—in May in the UK, in November in New York. The ads have been on the radio, raising the battle cry, firing up the pink army troops: "For together, we will beat breast cancer."

During these events, hundreds of thousands of women will be showing up in parks across America and Britain on a Saturday at midnight in their pink bras, and march, arms linked, in the moonlight in the great conviction that they are doing something meaningful and important in the fight against the great woman killer.

We, too, would very much like to support the sisterhood and beat breast cancer. Plenty of our close friends are women who have gone through breast cancer. One in eight women gets breast cancer, which translates to nearly a quarter of a million cases this year in the US alone. One in six women who have breast cancer dies from it every year. It's one of the most common cancers there is.

But I won't be out there in my pink bra for one simple reason: the main 'charities' that benefit from the Moonwalk funds are the main reason we're not beating breast cancer.

The American Cancer Society and Cancer Research UK receive a good deal of their funds from the pharmaceutical industry, and the pharmaceutical industry is mainly interested not in vanquishing cancer, but in selling ever more expensive types of chemotherapy. They, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, populated with ex-Big Pharma employees) and the government together form an effective blockade of any promising new cancer treatments.

Ask Frank Wiewal about moonwalks. Frank started People Against Cancer, to help people find promising alternative treatments, after his father-in-law died from cancer—not because he wasn't successfully beating his disease, but because the US government outlawed the promising treatment that was working for him. Without the ability to carry on with this treatment, he died.

Or ask my husband, Bryan Hubbard. An alternative cancer specialist in the UK successfully reversed my mother-in-law Edie's end-stage breast cancer, and she lived on for many more years. The doctor who treated her successfully had treated thousands of others. He offered to show the medical authorities his highly effective treatment protocols. Silence—and worse.

Most alternative cancer specialists have been harassed by the UK General Medical Council or forcibly retired. In the States they've been put in jail or forced to practice offshore.Here's what I propose as an alternative to a Moonwalk:

A midnight boycott march against prescribed female hormones of every variety. One major reason that breast cancer is so common is simple: the Pill and HRT. Just say no to them until the government finally reveals that these drugs cause cancer. Tell every woman you know to stop taking them for a month. Besides giving you cancer, they make many women fat and depressed. There are plenty of safer alternatives to birth control or hormone regulation.

Ditto, a boycott on breast implants. Incredibly, it took 40 years for the FDA to finally regulate breast implants. They're still lying about the dangers of silicone, which has finally been shown to migrate throughout the body.

Donate your charity money to alternative cancer organizations like People Against Cancer ( or Cancer Active ( Both provide exhaustive information about alternatives with solid evidence that they work.

Boycott processed foods, including 'free-from' foods and 'natural' flavors. As you'll see in our Special Report (page 28), these foods are full of chemicals and omega-6 fatty acids, which can cause inflammation and eventually cancer.

Eat organic. As our cover story this month demonstrates, many common foods are among the most potent cancer fighters out there, and leave chemotherapy and other treatments in the dust.

Talk up alternative medicine as a campaign issue. Exhort governments to stop demonizing homeopathy and other alternative treatments as 'unscientific.' Even the National Cancer Institute labeled a study of homeopathic treatments for cancer used in India as 'promising.' WDDTY once wrote a big story on homeopathy, comparing the positive outcomes of homeopathic scientific trials to trials of major drugs. The percentages were virtually identical.

Demand that the Big Pharma good ol' boys that populate the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control be fired, replaced by a truly independent body that will watch the public's back when it comes to drugs. Those two agencies kill more people than ISIS ever will.

It's time to realize that despite all the good intentions and rationales and prettily turned phrases, the current blasting-burning paradigm for treating cancer just doesn't work. And once we all admit that, we can start walking forward.

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