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February 2019 (Vol. 3 Issue 12)

Lynne McTaggart



Lynne McTaggart is co-editor of WDDTY. She is also a renowned health campaigner and the best-selling author of The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond.


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MMR and mercury detox: how to protect your child

March 25th 2008, 11:46

The latest views about children with autism is that it is a multifactorial problem, due to a combination of vaccination, heavy-metal exposure and even to microwaves, as generated by mobile phones. Typically, a child exhibits gut conditions, problems with detoxification and heavy-metal
poisoning. Here are a few basic ways to regularize these symptoms.

  • Make sure your child receives good supplements of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, including trace minerals such as zinc and selenium.
  • Remember, gut health can be enhanced with probiotics and digestive enzymes.
  • Fix any Candida problems (see The Candida and ME Handbook. London: WDDTY, 2001).
  • Supplement with glutathione and products that boost its uptake, which helps with mercury detox. Children exposed to thimerosal have lower cellular levels of glutathione (NeuroToxicology, 2005; 26: 1-8). A number of companies offering such support suggests that the products should be sodium benzoate-free to support clearing of metals and other toxins.
  • Support the rebuilding of gut cellular barriers with the use of glycosaminoglycans. These gut-protective barriers are often impaired when a child is exposed to the MMR shot or heavy metals.
  • Chelate heavy metals naturally or with homeopathic methods. One such agent is zeolite, a natural volcanic mineral that claims to chelate heavy metals more gently than do chemicals such as DMSA.
  • Keep your home free of wireless and mobile-phone radiation, and consider using equipment that minimizes such radiation.

The full story, 'Hiding behind junk science', is in the April issue of WDDTY.


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Scoundrel time

March 18th 2008, 13:59

All of us rest easy in our beds at night in the belief that someone, somewhere, has our best interests at heart. That sense, that there are scientists sitting in lofty institutions who make decisions, however ultimately flawed, from a sense of right so permeates our psyche that even so jaded a science reporter as I was rattled when sifting through the evidence of a possible link between vaccination and autism.

According to documents acquired by concerned parents through the US Freedom of Information Act, in June 1999, a group of 51 top scientists and health officials from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and representatives of various vaccine manufacturers, met at the Simpsonwood Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia, to listen to the findings of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention epidemiologist. He had found alarming evidence in the CDC's Vaccine Safety Database of a strong association between neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, and thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative used at the time in many US vaccines, and still present in many vaccines used in Europe.

In the ensuing years, the CDC withheld these findings, held off removing thimerosal until 2002 and eventually 'lost' the data. When it resurfaced, the agency handed it over to a private company, America's Health Insurance Plans, thereby placing it out of the reach of any researchers or journalists who attempted to access it under the Freedom of Information Act.


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