What we’re not being told about the COVID vaccine

Celeste McGovern’s special report, “A Long Shot,” in the July/August edition of WDDTY explained succinctly some of the challenges facing the global effort to prepare a vaccine that Bill Gates would like to see delivered to “almost every person on the planet.”

As the world’s population has become so accustomed to pharmaceutical solutions to our health woes—and lives have been so greatly disrupted by government-mandated COVID-19 containment strategies—it’s no wonder so many are desperate for this self-styled silver vaccine bullet.

Human nature also dictates that most of us prefer to opt for a simple solution rather than grapple with complex ones that involve doing lots of things, including taking responsibility for your own health and the function of your immune system. What could be easier than rolling up your sleeve?

On top of that, it looks even more attractive when dressed up in nonprofit clothes: the world’s first-ever global cooperation initiative between vaccine developers in universities, vaccine companies, governments and international agencies, including the World Health Organization—and all for the public good.

Frankly, it sounds too good to be true, especially once you start to look beneath the surface and consider all the things we don’t know. There is huge uncertainty in delivering all of this.

In our short (25 minute) film, The Uncertain Promise of a Covid Vaccine: What We’re Not Being Told, we at the Alliance for Natural Health identify 15 key things we think everyone should know before we’re given the choice to get vaccinated. Here are the bare bones:

Will vaccines be needed?  Could the virus burn out before vaccines are ready?

Will the vaccines work? We need proper efficacy studies. Even normal Phase I to III studies that take several years haven’t accurately predicted effectiveness in the real world. What about mutations?

Will the vaccines be safe? How can you tell in the space of a few months if the vaccine increases the risk of autoimmune diseases, autism or Alzheimer’s?

How will the commercial vaccines be made?  It’s highly likely that genetic engineering technology will be used. For example, the mRNA vaccines that rely on the body being instructed to produce copies of virus proteins. Are you OK with that ethically? Will you be told if your vaccine is genetically engineered?

When will vaccines be released? It could be as early as the start of 2021.

What will be added to help activate and preserve the vaccine? Aluminum, a nerve poison, is a likely adjuvant.

What will be the exact composition of each vaccine? Will there be any residues from animal tissues or contaminants?

How many need to be vaccinated? Bill Gates wants nearly everyone vaccinated, the World Health Organization is suggesting 70 percent of the global population, but some scientists suggest as little as 20 percent herd immunity from naturally acquired infections can hold the virus in check, as it does with another coronavirus, the one causing the common cold.

How many commercial vaccines will be released? Most pundits are suggesting at least two.

How many doses will be needed or recommended for different population groups? It’s likely from experience with previous coronavirus vaccines (SARS, MERS) that immunity won’t last much more than 12 months in most people, so annual vaccination is likely to be recommended. There may even be a need for boosters.

What delivery systems will be used? Prefilled single-dose syringes, single or multidose vials, nasal spray and micropatches are some of the options being considered.

Will the data be transparent? Not unless we raise a stink! They may be talking about trying to be transparent—but let them answer these 15 questions and then let’s think about calling the approach transparent.

Will vaccination be mandatory, or will rights be affected for those not vaccinated? We just don’t know. The chances are that some countries or states will likely take the mandatory route.

Will the public be informed about vaccine industry indemnity and compensation claims for those injured? They haven’t been before—so let’s make it happen this time. What have they been trying to hide from us?

Who will gain financially from mass vaccination? They may call it nonprofit, but that’s only in the short-term. The likes of Bill Gates are set to make billions if COVID-19 vaccines are added to the vaccination schedule in most countries.

COVID-19 vaccination is likely to be the biggest mass-medication program ever unleashed on the public. We have a right to know the inside track on what’s really going on. Let’s demand vaccine transparency. You can find out more about this issue on our website, www.anhinternational.org.

There and on our YouTube channel, you’ll also find our short film, The Uncertain Promise of a Covid Vaccine: What We’re Not Being Told. Furthermore, you can download a copy of our Vaccine Transparency Manifesto and send it to your elected representatives, asking them to get behind it—for the true good of the public.