Nature is the big winner

You can measure wins in many ways. One is by business success. But if that business lacks integrity, is deceptive or is criminal, any such wins are, at best, hollow.

Let’s look at how finances have been allocated since the inception of Covid-19. The UK government, for instance, is estimated to have sunk some £315 to £410 billion (US$424 to 552 billion) into its pandemic response. Or consider the figures collated by Doctors Without Borders showing that taxpayers have subsidized the six leading Covid-19 vaccines to the tune of $12 billion.   

That investment looks peachy for the beneficiaries, the vaccine manufacturers, but much less so for us taxpayers who’ve contributed.

Compare that with the approximately £112 million the UK government plows into cancer research each year, to which the pharma industry adds another £500 million. Combined, this represents about 0.3 percent of the average annual UK government spend on Covid-19. 

Now let’s compare the risk of death between Covid-19 and cancer, the second biggest killer in the UK behind heart disease. While the UK government claims about 157,000 deaths “involving” Covid-19, most of these deaths are associated with underlying conditions and simply reflect the total number of deaths occurring within 60 days of a positive test.  

A recent Freedom of Information Request from the UK Office for National Statistics shows that Covid was the sole cause of death in just 17,000 people up until the end of the third quarter of 2021. This compares to, according to Cancer Research UK, around 166,000 deaths to cancer every year. 

Converted into average monthly tolls, Covid-caused deaths (without underlying conditions) amount to just 7 percent of cancer deaths. Even UK deaths “involving” Covid-19 represent just 63 percent of the toll from cancer.  

Clearly, Covid funding is grossly lop-sided compared with cancer. Covid-19 is a political disease that has siphoned off a hugely disproportionate amount of public funds while billionaire elites fattened their coffers dramatically —something for which we will pay a hefty price in the coming years. 

Now let’s look at value. This is a metric that can change rapidly according to the available data and circumstances. You’ll recall Pfizer and Moderna claimed 95 percent effectiveness in press releases prior to the approval of their novel mRNA injections. 

With the Omicron variant, which has quickly become the dominant circulating strain, protection from infection is so low that no government authority can claim any significant benefit. Instead, they claim protection from symptomatic disease, hospitalization or death, citing “insufficient data” for protection against infection, as evidenced by the week 3 (2022) data from the UK Health Security Authority.  

Since there is no evidence that the vaccines offer protection from infection or reduce transmission of the Omicron variant, there is no basis for coercing or mandating injections for the public good, to protect others. 

This highlights the massive government overreach occurring in many countries around the world, facilitated by the World Health Organization’s failure to downgrade pandemic status and perpetuated by molecular testing (notably PCR tests), a flawed and deceptive marker for public health risk.

Compare this with the clinical evidence for early treatment of Covid-19. With zero investment, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, quercetin and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) may have saved hundreds of thousands of lives—yet fail to be recognized by vaccine-focused health authorities. This has been the experience of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance ( and other leading advocates of early treatment, and the nutrients have been the mainstay of  their recommendations. 

The public debate, conditioned by a manipulated mainstream media, has omitted to explain the justification for early treatment for those susceptible to severe Covid-19. The uphill battle for anyone depending on vaccines is that neutralizing antibodies don’t kick in for at least six days because they rely on the adaptive side of the immune system. 

Early treatment with natural products, by contrast, kicks in immediately, providing vital resources to the innate immune system that responds within minutes and hours of exposure to SARS-CoV-2, while also supporting potent antiviral activity. That’s true as well for repurposed drugs like ivermectin, an analogue of a compound produced by a strain of soil bacterium. 

By limiting viral replication as early as possible, you greatly reduce the chances of the hyper-inflammation and cytokine storm that occur if both the innate and adaptive immune systems have failed to protect against infection, in turn leading to severe disease and risk of death in susceptible people. 

The virus exploits suboptimal physiology and metabolism linked to underlying conditions, which is why healthy people nearly always avoid severe disease.   

When vaccines and natural products are compared in terms of their relative risk/benefit profile, there is an undeniable winner, with natural products as unheralded as they are unpatented. 

Welcome to the greatest human experiment ever conducted and likely the greatest scientific, medical and public health deception ever imposed on our species.