A hundred rays of hope

For over 30 years, the What Doctors Don’t Tell You  team has reported on cutting-edge holistic practitioners of every persuasion who are curing the so-called ‘incurable.’

A few years ago we had a big idea: what if we gathered these pioneers together into a single location where people with health issues—or those interested in finding out new solutions to chronic conditions—could meet these pioneers, listen to talks about their discoveries and find alternative treatments and products proven to work?

Last February that dream became reality when we launched the Get Well Show at Olympia, London. We showcased some 70 practitioners across three stages and more than 80 stands exhibiting a vast array of treatments and products—everything from lifestyle changes to qigong and hands-free healing.

The show was a huge success, with thousands attending every day. But now, in the wake of Covid restrictions, we’ve decided to bring the show to you, so that you can connect to all these ground-breaking practitioners and therapists in the comfort of your own home.

For our Get Well VIRTUAL Show on November 12–15, we’re again featuring more than 70 practitioners, who will speak and demonstrate healing treatments across our three ‘stages.’

Thanks to the ingenious software platform we’re using, you’ll be able to watch these talks, ask questions, visit many practitioners and product companies at their stands, and enjoy amazing discounts on a range of products.

And what a line-up we have, of practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic! Not all of these doctors and practitioners are household names, but they are international stars, nevertheless, in the innovative ways that they heal people. The following is just a sample.

We are fortunate to welcome Dr Christopher Centeno, the regenerative medicine specialist who developed the first, most successful and most scientifically tested stem-cell system to heal bones, joints and soft tissue.

Brian Bradley will showcase Egoscue, the exercise program that ends pain and heals joints and spine, Dr Mitchell Yass will show you how to correct the muscle imbalances that are behind most back pain and sciatica, and physiotherapist Margie Bissinger will demonstrate the best exercises to heal osteopososis.

For anyone suffering from pain, Debora Wayne will describe her renowned HighSpeed Healing™ system for physical and emotional pain and offer individual healing sessions, and Nick Ortner, the world’s top popularizer of  ‘tapping’ (Emotional Freedom Technique) will demo how you can end pain in five minutes.

For fibromyalgia, chiropractor Dr Carol McMakin will showcase the powerful equipment she developed that uses frequency-specific microcurrents. Dr Sarah Myhill, arguably the world’s foremost authority on chronic fatigue, will offer a tried-and-tested blueprint to get your mojo back.

Dr Terry Wahls, formerly wheelchair-bound with multiple sclerosis, healed herself and now her autoimmune patients with a comprehensive program. Florida naturopath Dr Becky Campbell describes the route she took to mend her own thyroid—and now that of many others. Dr Myhill offers her powerful program to reverse diabetes.

Balancing hormones is important at any age, but Dr Shawn Tassone, an American OB-GYN, has devised a holistic balancing system to help you sail through menopause, and US fitness guru Debra Atkinson will show you which exercises work wonders for keeping hormones in line after 50.

For children’s health, there’s Dr Roseann Capanna-Hodge, who uses neurofeedback, among other innovative neurological equipment, to treat mental and behavioral issues in children and families. Anat Baniel, the famed founder of the Neuromovement® system, works miracles using gentle techniques to wake up the brain, restoring movement in children (and adults) with challenges.

John Gray, better known as the worldwide bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, healed his own ADHD (and others) by developing a holistic approach, and craniosacral therapist Karen Thomas reversed autism in her son—and now hundreds of other children.

Therapist to the stars Marisa Peer developed Rapid Transformation Therapy® (RTT), her own hypnosis hybrid, to help patients heal anxiety and phobias in a hurry, and Canadian therapist Anita Saltmarche has healed many
cases of Alzheimer’s disease with light therapy.

We’re holding a special Covid-19 panel, featuring doctors and practitioners who are helping patients prevent infection and even the most critically ill recover.

You’ll meet extraordinary practitioners who routinely heal the most life-threatening illnesses, such as Chunyi Lin, the US’s foremost qigong master, Dr Leigh Erin Connealy, the US gut and cancer expert, and world-class energy healer Mas Sajady.

America’s foremost environmental attorney, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, will help you avoid the biggest chemical culprits in serious disease, and infection expert Dr Tom Moorcroft offers a successful way to treat Lyme disease.

And both of us will be speaking: Bryan, to tell how he overcame his own 10-year depression with a unique program he developed called ‘Time-light,’  and me to talk about the power of small groups to heal, even when there’s “no hope.”

That’s the real point of our show: there’s always hope. And that’s what we aim to show you on November 12–15. Don’t miss our show. And learn why there’s an alternative solution to most every illness.