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What Doctors Don't Tell You

Couple pioneer health magazine inspired by Bible columnist

Bryan Hubbard and Lynne McTaggart are a husband-and-wife team who believe in empowering people to greater health through better nutrition, alternative remedies and small prayer groups.

Lynne and Bryan

Their work is communicated through two channels: a monthly magazine What Doctors Don't Tell You, which is published simultaneously in the US and the UK, and Lynne's Intention work, which includes webinars and several best-selling books, including The Intention Experiment, and, currently, the Power of 8.

Robert Mendelsohn What Doctors Don't Tell You was launched in 1989 as a newsletter, partly inspired by an American paediatrician, Dr Bob Mendelsohn, whose weekly column was edited and syndicated by Lynne across the US. Bob was a firm believer that the Bible contained most of the wisdom we need in order to live well and healthily. Today, WDDTY is an international magazine that is published in the UK and the US and, under franchise, in 10 other countries. The theme is always about empowering people to seek out natural solutions and remedies whenever possible, and to eat better and more nutritiously. The title is not 'anti-doctor' but believes that in the West we have become overly reliant on drugs as a solution to our health problems.

Their website ( has on three occasions been voted 'The World's Most Popular Health Website' and has twice won 'The World's Best Health Website' award.

September issue

Lynne has worked with scientists around the world who have tracked the healing effects of prayer and intention. Initially, the targets were restricted to simple life forms such as leaves, but this has grown into bigger experiments involving human subjects who have been healed through prayer and intention. In Lynne's latest work, The Power of 8, Lynne has discovered that those who pray for others are equally blessed and healed.

The couple continue to expand their work across the United States sharing the discoveries backed by science that help people live healthier happier lives.

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