Where you can get a hair dye without carcinogens

Re hair dyes without carcinogens WDDTY vol 9 no 7), I have found that Larkhall Green Farm, 22 Putney Bridge Road, London, SW15 2PY, telephone 0181 874 1130, produces a semi permanent range of colours which cover grey, and only wash out after about six to eight shampoos. The range is based on natural ingredients obtained from plants and vegetables, and I don't see phenylendiamenes on the ingredient list.

I use Golden Blonde on my grey hair, and since my hair is short, the bottle so far has lasted for five applications, with just enough for a sixth. The cost is obviously directly affected by the length of your hair.

I hope this helps. Jenny Matthews, Mid-Wales........

WDDTY replies: We've located three other American brands, which are happy to send by the post to Europe. They are Color Me Naturally ($10.95), a rinse in colour made with mineral salts, which lasts for about five washes, and Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner ($5.50) or Henna Color the Gray ($9.95), which slowly washes out. All cover grey hair. They can be purchased through Sue Wilson, at 707 584 8763 or by fax: 707 585 9701. Email: suewil@pacbell.net.