Where to get oxygen treatment in the uk - Aside from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, only a handful of doctors in the uk offer treatment with ozone or h2o2.

Dr Patrick Kingsley (Osgathorpe, Leics; tel: 01530 223 622), has used H2O2 for three years, mainly for cancer, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), multiple sclerosis and candidiasis. A member of the International Oxidative Medicine Association, he visits the US regularly to attend conferences and keep up to date with the latest research.

Private practitioner Dr Simi Khanna (East Grinstead. West Sussex. RH19 3XP; tel: 07895 982 533) has used these therapies for ten years and finds them beneficial for viral infections and ME in particular.

Dr Fritz Schellander (Tunbridge Wells, Kent; tel: 01892 543 535) has used oxygen therapies for eight years and finds them particularly useful for postviral illnesses and as an adjunct to cancer therapy.

In London, holistic therapist Mark Lester offers ozone treatment at the Finchley Clinic (tel: 020 8349 4730). He favours the use of a hot steam cabinet, which introduces ozone via the skin while the patient sits in the cabinet. As an alternative for those who don't like injections, transdermal ozone cleanses and detoxifies the lymphatic system, in which 90 per cent of body fluids are stored. Mr Lester finds it particularly beneficial for ME.

Dr Julian Kenyon will soon be offering ozone therapy in clinics in London and Winchester (tel: 020 7486 5588).

A word of caution: both ozone and H2O2 are toxic in their purified states (ozone may damage the lungs if inhaled). They are safe and effective only when diluted to therapeutic levels and administered by an experienced practitioner, who should be consulted before starting any course of treatment.

The book The Use of Ozone in Medicine by Drs S. Rilling and R. Viebahn (Heidelberg: Haug Publishers, 1987, 1994) is an excellent guide for practitioners.