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27 Jun 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Beyond your genes

When it comes to cancer, modern medicine is in firm denial. For all the triumphalism over the latest claims that approximately 50 per cent of people survive cancer for at least 10 years, the bald fact... more »

30 May 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Catching it early

It’s all over the newspapers.  Deaths from breast cancer have almost been halved, and the bow belongs to screening with routine mammography. So persuasive is the catch-it-early argument tha... more »

28 Apr 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)


Failing eyesight has become so closely associated with old age that medicine has applied a number of adjectives synonymous with ‘geriatric’ to conditions like ‘age-related macular de... more »

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18:47 | Health Conditions (

Re: Cataracts

Dr Evans was mentioned in WDDTY not long ago (August I think the eyesight edition)  Can you please tell me more about what herbs and foods you used? My optician keeps threatening me with surgery ... more »

08:38 | Health Conditions (ebrynin)

urethral caruncle

Does anyone have any information or treatment tips for a urethral caruncle? This came on very suddenly six months ago after a severe bout of cystitis. The cystitis is long gone - I am left with a caru... more »

15:22 | Health Conditions (

Re: Cataracts

I don't know who you are talking about, but I healed my cataracts using herbs and foods. more »

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