A 56-year-old male is suffering from mild tinnitus and feels it is getting worse.  He’s tried ear candling, acupuncture and Ginkgo biloba, but has seen no improvement.  What do readers recommend?

According to Judi, there are four main causes of tinnitus: a blow to the head, stress, noise damage and sinus problems/allergies.  But whatever the cause, she reckons homeopathy can deal with the problem in about three months.  

John reckons tinnitus can often be caused by dental amalgam fillings.  There is no easy test to confirm this, he says, be he recommends that everyone with these fillings have them removed by a holistic dentist.  In addition, he suggests taking vitamin and mineral supplements to assist in mercury elimination.

Another idea is to try self-hypnosis tapes.  This method proved very effective for Mary.  Apparently, tapes and CDs providing audio support are available from the British Tinnitus Association (www.tinnitus.org.uk).
Other methods that have worked for readers include chiropractic treatment, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and, strangely, eliminating coffee.  Eating a handful of sunflower seeds a day has also proved successful.  

E-news broadcast 6 March 2007 No.339

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