The eight tell-tale signs you might have cancer

There are eight major tell-tale signs that suggest you could have cancer without realising it. Any one of the eight symptoms means you have at least a five per cent chance of having some type of cancer, researchers say this week. The eight symptoms are: • blood in your urine • anaemia • rectal blood • coughing up blood • breast lump or mass • difficulty in swallowing • post-menopause bleeding • abnormal prostate test. Researchers at Keele University have compiled the list, and have come up with the symptoms that represent a one in 20 or higher chance of being an indication of cancer. However, the risks vary depending on age. There are just two possible signs of cancer in someone who is younger than 55 years – breast lump and an abnormal prostate test. A difficulty in swallowing was a sign of oesophageal cancer for a man who is 55 years or older, and blood in the urine was a particular concern for both men and women who were more than 60 years of age. (Source: Keele University, 27 August 2010).