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Proof is an independent testing service for the consumer of alternative and complementary health remedies and products, such as supplements and herbs, as well as eco and ‘green’ products and services.

Our tests are carried out in laboratories, as well as by our panel of 100 testers, ordinary people just like you who regularly purchase and use alternative remedies and eco products.

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From now on, you won’t be wasting money on products that don’t work (you’d be amazed how many have almost none of the active ingredients claimed on the label), and you can buy with confidence that what you’re buying is the very best on the market.


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About Proof! - Proof is an independent research group that assesses the thousands of products in the alternative, complementary and eco markets.

Free Report: Dishwashing Liquids - Dishwashing detergents have never looked prettier or more harmless. They now come in such bright colours, with added fragrances and lyrical names such...

How we Test - Our star rating system is simple to follow, and gives you an instant picture of the very best products on the market.

Our Partners - Links to more useful online resources at our partners' websites.

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Subscribe to Proof! for just £24 a Year - For just £2 a month you will get every new report as it's published, and have access to every buyers' report we've produced.

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