* Methyl-2-cyanoacrylate, the main ingredient in tissue adhesives such as Biobond, used to close up skin wounds or patch leaking vessels in the brain, can cause meningitis (Lancet, 2002; 359: 1668-9).

* A European study looking at how diabetics inject insulin found that only just over a third know how to avoid ‘lipos’ (the development of fatty lumps in the skin) by avoiding injecting themselves in the same place every time. But the news was not all bad - 70 per cent did know how to inject themselves correctly by using a skin 'pinch-up', which is linked to improved blood sugar levels (BMJ, 2002; 324: 1166).

* The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns of potentially fatal infections from powdered baby milk. One type (Portagen), used in a hospital neonatal unit, contained Enterobacter sakazakii and caused the death of a nine-day-old infant. Earlier studies had detected the presence of these bacteria both in the prepared formula and in unopened tins (JAMA, 2002; 287: 2204-5).