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27 Feb 2015 | Lynne McTaggart - Wh... (bshubbard)

Je suis gagged

Since January, all of us in the West have been horrified by the spectacle of Islamic fanatics storming into the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and assassinating 10 of its staff... more »

27 Jun 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Beyond your genes

When it comes to cancer, modern medicine is in firm denial. For all the triumphalism over the latest claims that approximately 50 per cent of people survive cancer for at least 10 years, the bald fact... more »

30 May 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Catching it early

It’s all over the newspapers.  Deaths from breast cancer have almost been halved, and the bow belongs to screening with routine mammography. So persuasive is the catch-it-early argument tha... more »

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10:10 AM | Health Conditions (

HPV vaccine is really good to remove hair. more »

10:25 AM | About us and the web... (

Please do the same for me, thanks. Or enable the change from profile. My email to    was returned undelivered.   more »

9:59 AM | Health Conditions (

Hello Tess, I would have my or my partner's blood sugar tested. You can have this done at the Chemist for a start. All the best.   more »

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