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Cheers! Drinking beer helps reduce heart attack risk in women Women who drink beer once or twice a week are 30 per cent less likely to suffer a heart attack, a new study has found. Prunes (dried plums) are good for the gut, and protect us from colon cancer Eating prunes (or dried plums) can improve gut health and reduce the risk of colon cancer, the second most lethal cancer in the West. Probiotics reverse milk allergy in toddlers Probiotics can reverse milk allergies in toddlers and young children, new research has discovered. Contraceptive pill too dangerous for women who smoke or suffer migraines Women who take the contraceptive pill—and also smoke, or have high blood pressure or have a history of migraine—run a high risk of having a life-threatening stroke, and should be encouraged to use a d... Childhood trauma reduces chances of conceiving Having trouble conceiving? The problem might not be biological—it could be caused by the stress and abuse you suffered as a child, new research suggests. Virus in beef and cows’ milk could be responsible for 40 per cent of breast cancers A virus found in beef and dairy products may be a trigger for breast cancer. The bovine leukaemia virus (BLV) could be responsible for nearly 40 per cent of cases, new research suggests. Drug company hid data that revealed antidepressant made teenagers suicidal A drug company hid data that discovered its antidepressant didn’t work and increased the risk of suicide in adolescents and teenagers. Blood pressure drugs can be lethal in black patients ACE inhibitors—common drugs for treating high blood pressure—can be killers in black patients, researchers have discovered. Psychiatric drugs are third major killer after heart disease and cancer Psychiatric drugs for insomnia, depression and anxiety are the third major killer in the West after heart disease and cancer, a major new review has concluded. Recognize electro-sensitivity as a disease, scientists urge WHO A group of scientists and doctors is calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) to recognise electro-sensitivity and chemical sensitivity as recognised diseases that are already affecting many peo...

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Blog Speak

24 Aug 2015 | Lynne McTaggart - Wh... (bshubbard)

The quantum cook

Last month, WDDTY was saddened to learn of the passing of Dr Annemarie Colbin, one of its panel members, a visionary in the natural-food movement and a dear friend.  In 1977, in need of income to... more »

24 Aug 2015 | Lynne McTaggart - Wh... (bshubbard)

The second brain

In 1992, after rediscovering a network of neurotransmitters in the gut that act in a similar way to ordinary neurons, Dr Michael Gershon , chairman of the department of anatomy and cell biology at New... more »

24 Aug 2015 | Lynne McTaggart - Wh... (bshubbard)

The secret message of pain

We are a society gripped by constant pain of one sort or another—and life appears to be getting more painful by the year. In the UK alone, according to government statistics, at least a third of... more »

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4:39 AM | Health Conditions (

Hi! I think you have just this year to still claim a philosophical exemption- at least for kids to go to school..  Check if they will allow you to give proof of vaccination status with blood tite... more »

9:46 AM | Health Conditions (sangita.sinha11)

Congratulations on being able to avoid the vaccines till date. I can't tell you about the loopholes, but i will help you with the safeguards. 1. Never take any vaccine when your body is fighting a... more »

8:30 AM | About us and the web... (nataliegotts)

How do I go about changing my username to something less personal?  I can't see an option anywhere on the website.     more »

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