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Positive outlook reduces bone loss and risk of osteoporosis Post-menopausal women who are satisfied with their lives have higher bone density and are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis, a new study has found. Walking 20 minutes a day reduces chances of premature death Just walking 20 minutes a day at a brisk pace could be enough to prevent an early death, say researchers who reckon that inactivity is twice as deadly as obesity. An avocado a day reduces ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels Eating an avocado a day can help keep levels of the so-called ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in check, especially if you are obese or overweight. It’s an example of eating ‘good’ unsaturated fatty acids that a... Bad gums could be the tell-tale sign of a heart attack People with bad gum disease are more likely to suffer a severe, and possibly fatal, heart attack. But researchers aren’t sure if poor gums are a tell-tale sign of an unhealthy heart or are actually a... High vitamin D levels help cancer patients live longer People with high levels of vitamin D—the sunshine vitamin—are more likely to survive cancer longer, even when it’s spread (metastasized). Those with the highest levels of the vitamin in their blood su... Optimists twice as likely to have healthy hearts Optimists are twice as likely to have healthy hearts. Having a positive outlook also means you have ‘significantly’ better blood sugar and total cholesterol levels, a new study has found. The most opt... ‘Secret’ drug companies may never reveal data about statins Too much of modern medicine is still veiled in secrecy. Data about the effectiveness and safety of cholesterol-lowering statins and the anti-viral drug Tamiflu may never be revealed, while 20 per cent... Add blueberries to your breakfast to keep blood pressure levels healthy Eating some blueberries with your breakfast cereal each day could be all it takes to keep blood pressure at healthy levels and prevent arteries getting stiff. A cup of the fruit every day could start... 20 per cent of hysterectomies should never have happened Around 20 per cent of women who have a hysterectomy shouldn’t have the procedure. Less drastic alternatives aren’t being considered, and doctors are ignoring treatment guidelines, a damning new report... A bowl of brown rice or porridge every day could help you live longer Eating some whole grains every day—such as a bowl of brown rice, porridge, corn or quinoa—will help you live longer and reduce your chances of dying from heart disease. Every serving of 28 grams of wh...

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