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Amazon bar on hundred herbal products is ‘illegal’, says campaign group Amazon, the online retailer, has pulled more than a hundred St John’s Wort products, the herbal remedy for depression, after it was approached by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory... The nine superfoods that should be in your daily diet We’ve all heard about the superfoods—but which are the ones you really can’t do without? There are nine ‘superseeds’ and fruits that should be included in your daily diet, says the Institute of Food... ‘Big sugar’ hides data about tooth decay We’re often told what big business and vested interests want us to hear (which is why alternative voices such as WDDTY are so vital). Mammography gets it wrong up to 50 per cent of the time Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer after a mammogram? Get a second opinion: there’s up to a 50 per cent chance it could be wrong. Eating a Med diet halves your heart disease risk People who eat a Mediterranean diet—rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, oil and fish—are far less likely to develop heart disease, provided they’ve followed it for 10 years. A sense of purpose reduces the chances of heart attack or stroke A sense of purpose and meaning lowers the risk of a heart attack or stroke, and also reduces your chances of needing coronary bypass surgery. Radiotherapy for breast cancer raises risk for thyroid cancer Women who have radiotherapy for breast cancer are far more likely to develop thyroid cancer within five years, a new study has discovered. An onion a day keeps diabetes away An onion a day could be a great way to treat diabetes. Extract of onion bulb lowers high blood glucose and total cholesterol levels, a new study has found. New pneumonia risk warning about OTC drugs They’re often available over the counter (OTC) and without a prescription, but they are fast becoming some of the most dangerous drugs around. The anticholinergics, which include hay fever tablets and... You’re more likely to suffer a stroke if you sleep too much The Goldilocks Effect seems to apply to a few things, and now even to the amount of sleep that’s good for us. Sleep less than the optimum seven hours a night and you increase the risk of heart diseas...

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27 Feb 2015 | Lynne McTaggart - Wh... (bshubbard)

Je suis gagged

Since January, all of us in the West have been horrified by the spectacle of Islamic fanatics storming into the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and assassinating 10 of its staff... more »

27 Jun 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Beyond your genes

When it comes to cancer, modern medicine is in firm denial. For all the triumphalism over the latest claims that approximately 50 per cent of people survive cancer for at least 10 years, the bald fact... more »

30 May 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Catching it early

It’s all over the newspapers.  Deaths from breast cancer have almost been halved, and the bow belongs to screening with routine mammography. So persuasive is the catch-it-early argument tha... more »

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12:46 PM | Health Conditions (

Hi,   I'm new to the forum and to be honest it doesn't have many recent posts, but Cushings disease like many if not most of the others will respond to plant derived minerals in liquid fo... more »

7:27 AM | Health Conditions (Vania123)

Does anyone know anything about Cushings Disease?  My daughter became gradually more and more overweight through adolescence despite a healthy lifestyle and never having had antibiotics/steroids ... more »

9:41 AM | Help and Support (

I just joined the at the basic level.When I went back to read the first article,I was again blocked and it seems the only way was to upgrade--is this true?   more »

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