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A good night’s sleep is perfect antidote to pessimistic thoughts Going to bed late, and having too few hours of sleep, is a recipe for worrying and having negative thoughts, a new study suggests. People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to be pessimistic,... Mammograms miss too many cancers Mammography is the standard technology for routine breast cancer screening—but it’s not fit for purpose. It’s missing cancers in women who have dense breast tissue and who are more likely to develop t... One quarter of NHS costs may be spent on negligence claims One quarter of the National Health Service’s annual budget could end up being spent on settling clinical negligence cases, new figures suggest. The NHS is faced with 25.7 bn of payments to patients a... Pure citrus juices even better for us than we thought We all know that pure orange juice and other citrus juices are good for us - but they’re even better for us than we thought. Scientists have discovered a more accurate way of measuring their goodness... Women under the age of 65 shouldn’t be taking aspirin, says study An aspirin a day is supposed to be part of everyone’s health regime - but that’s not true for women under the age of 65 (and we suspect that’s the case for men, as well), a new study has discovered. A... Birth is just as safe at home as hospital, new guidelines say A home birth is better for the mother, and just as safe as hospital, new UK guidelines say. Around 90 per cent of births are in hospital with a doctor present, but nearly half of these could safely ha... Statins do increase risk of cataracts, major study finds It’s been suspected for some time that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs cause cataracts—and now a major new study has almost conclusively proved they do. The drugs raise the risk of cataracts requiri... More summer sun means less winter blues Got the winter blues? It could be because you didn’t top up with enough vitamin D during the sunny summer months. There’s a link between vitamin D levels, which we mainly get from exposure to strong s... Three die after routine flu vaccine in Italy Italy’s annual flu vaccine programme has been hit by the deaths of three people after they were vaccinated. Batches of the vaccine - Fluad, manufactured by Novartis - have been withdrawn following the... Group meditation as good as standard therapy for depression Doing mindfulness meditation in a small group is as effective as standard individual therapy for treating depression and anxiety. Meditating in groups of 10 or so works as well as cognitive behavioura...

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