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One in 20 hospital patients suffer medical error The UK’s National Health Service is falling apart. Basic mistakes by hospital staff are costing the British taxpayer 2.5bn a year, and four out of five hospitals are not safe. Around 800,000 patients... Sunshine vitamin reduces heart attack risk Vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin - helps us survive a heart attack, and could even prevent the attack in the first place, a new study has found. People deficient in the vitamin are seven times more li... Med diet reverses metabolic syndrome and early-stage heart disease A Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil or nuts may be able to reverse metabolic syndrome, a condition that affects a quarter of all people worldwide. Symptoms include large waist circumferen... Alternative treatments may be used on childhood cancers The European Medicines Agency is prepared to look at alternative treatments for rare cancers—including all childhood cancers—after it heard that conventional medicine has no answers. Alternative and i... Autism ‘caused by MMR using human fetal cell lines’ The explosion in autism has been caused by the introduction of human fetal cell lines in the manufacture of MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccines, a major new study has concluded. Before 1987, when the... Car pollution a major risk factor for fatal heart attack People living close to a busy major road are more likely to die from a sudden heart attack because of the pollution the cars generate. Those living closest to a busy road are most at risk, say researc... Broccoli sprouts reduce worst symptoms of autism Some of the worst behavioural patterns of autism can be minimised by eating broccoli sprouts. A chemical from the vegetable helps autistic children to interact better, and improves their verbal skills... Eating fruit could have the Jobs effect on your mental sharpness and creativity Fruit may well have contributed to the mental sharpness and creativity of the late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. And it’s not just Jobs who benefited: any of us who regularly eat fruit that is ric... 60 per cent of hospital patients using alternative medicine ‘on the quiet’ The majority of hospital patients are using alternative remedies and therapies ‘on the quiet’ in order to get well, a new study has discovered. Faith healing, chiropractic, aromatherapy and native hea... Honeysuckle tea protects us against flu viruses Health agencies are busy pushing the new flu vaccine ahead of the winter season of coughs and colds—but drinking honeysuckle tea or soup could do the job just as well, a new study has discovered. Hone...

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Blog Speak

27 Jun 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Beyond your genes

When it comes to cancer, modern medicine is in firm denial. For all the triumphalism over the latest claims that approximately 50 per cent of people survive cancer for at least 10 years, the bald fact... more »

30 May 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Catching it early

It’s all over the newspapers.  Deaths from breast cancer have almost been halved, and the bow belongs to screening with routine mammography. So persuasive is the catch-it-early argument tha... more »

28 Apr 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)


Failing eyesight has become so closely associated with old age that medicine has applied a number of adjectives synonymous with ‘geriatric’ to conditions like ‘age-related macular de... more »

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18:47 | Health Conditions (

Re: Cataracts

Dr Evans was mentioned in WDDTY not long ago (August I think the eyesight edition)  Can you please tell me more about what herbs and foods you used? My optician keeps threatening me with surgery ... more »

08:38 | Health Conditions (ebrynin)

urethral caruncle

Does anyone have any information or treatment tips for a urethral caruncle? This came on very suddenly six months ago after a severe bout of cystitis. The cystitis is long gone - I am left with a caru... more »

15:22 | Health Conditions (

Re: Cataracts

I don't know who you are talking about, but I healed my cataracts using herbs and foods. more »

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