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More than half of children are dehydrated More than half of children and adolescents aren’t drinking enough water, and even mild dehydration can cause headaches, irritability, poor physical performance and reduced cognitive functioning, a new... Stomach acid drugs increase risk of heart attack Antacids that help ease digestion and gut problems also increase the risk of a heart attack, new research has discovered. 20 per cent now taking more than five drugs a day Around 20 per cent of adults are taking five or more pharmaceuticals a day—but nobody has assessed the side effects and reactions to this chemical cocktail, a leading scientist has warned. Upset tummy could be caused by the water we drink, not the food we eat The recent spate of upset tummies could be caused by viruses and bacteria from sewage getting into the public water supply. Check your teeth to assess your heart attack risk Want to know your chances of a heart attack? Check your mouth for any lost teeth: if you have five or more missing, your risk could be as high as 140 per cent. Painkillers are behind most murders and mass killings, say researchers Pharmaceuticals are often behind the mass horror killings in schools and public places, a new study has confirmed. Pilots and crew sue airlines over toxic cabin air Seventeen pilots and cabin crew are taking legal action against airlines after they said they had been poisoned by contaminated cabin air. Cancer is now the major killer (of men and in the UK) Cancer has overtaken heart disease as the major cause of death—but only among men living in the UK. Cardiovascular disease is still the most common cause of death in women. New contraceptive pills increase risk of serious clots four-fold The newer generation of contraceptive pills raises the risk of VTE, or serious blood clots, by 400 per cent. The hype, and hope, of immunotherapy Whenever there’s the hope of a miracle cure for cancer, the world’s media goes into a frenzy, and this week it’s been for immunotherapy.

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27 Feb 2015 | Lynne McTaggart - Wh... (bshubbard)

Je suis gagged

Since January, all of us in the West have been horrified by the spectacle of Islamic fanatics storming into the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and assassinating 10 of its staff... more »

27 Jun 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Beyond your genes

When it comes to cancer, modern medicine is in firm denial. For all the triumphalism over the latest claims that approximately 50 per cent of people survive cancer for at least 10 years, the bald fact... more »

30 May 2014 | Adverse Reactions (Caitlin Hubbard)

Catching it early

It’s all over the newspapers.  Deaths from breast cancer have almost been halved, and the bow belongs to screening with routine mammography. So persuasive is the catch-it-early argument tha... more »

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We're finding positive impact from combining near infrared light and EEG biofeedback training for the physical and cognitive symptoms of dementia and parkinsons. We are looking for people to parti... more »

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All information about Viagra and Side effects watch on this Canadian Pharmacy Website more »

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