Insatiable appetite

A reader writes on behalf of a friend, who eats and eats and never feels full:  “The person in question yo-yos between 66-70 kg.  She eventually stops eating out of disgust (for a short period), but then starts all over again.  There is no vomiting and no signs of depression.  I would appreciate any help readers can give on this one.”


One reader has a friend who had a similar problem.  Although she never put on any weight, she just couldn’t stop eating.  She believed parasites were to blame and used a several-pronged approach in an attempt to get rid of them: a combination of herbs, supplements and bioenergetic testing – a method of determining energy distortions in the body as a possible cause of illness.  Apparently, this did the trick and she no longer suffers from an insatiable appetite!  

Other readers agree that parasites – perhaps a tapeworm – may be at the root of the problem.  It’s certainly worth getting checked out by a doctor, they say.

Other suggestions

Another possibility is that the brain is not getting the message that the stomach is full.  Sharon has found this to be the problem with some of her clients and has helped them via hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).  She also stresses the importance of drinking enough water – as sometimes the body is craving water and not food.
Helen identifies a number of possible causes for this condition, including allergies, poor diet and unbalanced blood-sugar levels.  She advises this woman to take a close look at her diet and identify any particular foods she is craving.  It may be she is allergic or intolerant to these foods.  She also suggests cutting out sugar and eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and good fats to ensure the body has all the nutrients it requires.  For a healthy gut, she highly recommends Polyzyme Forte by Biocare, a broad spectrum high potency enzyme complex, derived from vegetable sources.  “After taking this,” says Helen, “my hunger pangs stopped and for the first time in my life I was able to eat normal quantities of food.  My weight normalised.”  Her final tip is to take up a form of exercise, such as swimming or yoga, which will not only help keep you fit, but will also distract the mind from food.

E-news broadcast 14 March 2007 No.341

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